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Healthcare organizations not only need to be in compliance with regulatory requirements and protocols, but also need to ensure their employees have the appropriate certifications and qualifications necessary for their respective roles. To ensure that healthcare professionals have up-to-date and valid certifications and licenses, many organizations are turning to primary source verification solutions to automate license tracking and management.

Primary source verification (PSV) is an automated system to track, manage, and monitor professional credentials that are required for an individual to practice or work in a certain profession. For example, a PSV system might verify if a doctor is licensed in a state or if a technician holds a valid certification. PSV solutions ensure that the individual?s credentials are current and valid, thereby ensuring regulatory compliance.

By utilizing an automated license tracking system, organizations can improve staff utilization, save time, and mitigate risk. PSV systems provide a single source of truth for license and credential information. This enables organizations to quickly and easily monitor any updates or changes in an individual?s professional credentials. It also allows organizations to automate manual processes that are required to maintain compliance. For instance, most PSV systems are capable of tracking license expiration dates, tracking the status of a license application, and providing real-time updates on the status of a credential.

Organizations can also leverage pre-built workflows that are easily configurable for the automation of license application processes. Additionally, PSV systems can be configured to send automated notifications when a license or certification is nearing expiration or when a license needs to be renewed. This helps organizations maintain compliance and ensure that all required credentials are up-to-date.

Certemy is a leader in primary source verification with an automated system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across the workforce. This solution simplifies license tracking and management, provides complete visibility and control of workforce compliance programs, and allows organizations to stay ahead of regulatory compliance. The system can track and manage employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, thus allowing organizations to improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization.

Primary source verification solutions offer organizations an important tool for managing lawful performance in the workplace, and for staying on top of compliance with regulatory requirements. With the implementation of an automated PSV solution, healthcare organizations can ensure that their personnel have the necessary qualifications and credentials to practice or work in a specific profession.


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