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As organizations are increasingly held accountable for upholding government regulations and avoiding healthcare malpractice, the need for reliable license verification systems is becoming ever more pressing. Organizations of all shapes and sizes cannot risk any expensive or dangerous losses from having employees who are performing roles for which they are not officially permitted to do.

Home health clinical nurse specialists (HHCNS) are a key specialization of nursing. They are responsible for the evaluation, treatment, and management of complex, acute, and chronic client conditions, and for providing needed education to families of those receiving care. For obvious safety and security reasons, it is vitally important that any HHCNS hired is properly qualified and certified.

Primary source verification systems such as that provided by Certemy offer absolute assurance that any professional HHCNS employed by an organization is an authorized practitioner with up-to-date licenses and certifications. Certemys system can quickly and easily confirm not only that an HCHNS is authorized to practise, but also that they are free from any disciplinary action and any other relevant sanctions.

Breaking Down the Benefits of Certemys System

With Certemys automated and secure primary source verification system, organizations can be completely assured that their home health clinical nurse specialists have been properly and appropriately hired. The system can easily be integrated with existing HR platforms and tools for one seamless process that improves employee utilization and reduces any wasted time or losses associated with non-qualification.

Human resource operations teams can use this system to conveniently monitor the status of employee licenses and certifications as well as analyze any missing documents or expiring certifications. Team members can easily identify issues and act proactively to resolve any issues in real-time before any losses may occur. This helps human resource operations teams effectively optimize resources, save time, and ensure compliance with the relevant government regulations.

The system is globally trusted by some of the largest US organizations and offers them complete visibility and control over their license and credential program. Convenient pre-built, custom workflows can easily be configured to automate entire processes such as filing license applications.


For organizations seeking an effective way to verify the credentials of their home health clinical nurse specialists, Certemys automated primary source verification system provides an effective, secure, and convenient solution. This technology offers organizations complete visibility and control over their license and credential program to avoid any losses from having unqualified personnel and to ensure compliance with relevant government regulations.


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