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When running a business, managing licenses and certifications that ensure regulatory Compliance is of utmost importance. With data protection laws, financial regulations, accreditation standards, and more, organizations have to be extra careful of the qualifications their staff holds. Occupational licenses, certifications, and registrations are necessary to make sure companies abide by the regulations that govern them.

Through primary source Verification, organizations can guarantee that all employee certifications, licenses, and credentials are verified and up-to-date. Primary source verification is a method of determining a licensee?s shared identity and credentials against the original source of information issued by a regulatory or licensing body. This method ensures that any credentials held by an employee are valid and current.

Not only is primary source verification legally necessary and convenient but it also helps to defend organizations against risk management issues as well as potential sanctions. When one person represents a business, their credentials become the responsibility of the organizations. This means that any misconduct by any one staff member directly affects the entire team.

Organizations should take the initiative to master primary source verification, since It is a vital component of risk management in the workplace. Tracking and verifying occupational licenses and certifications can be a lengthy and burdensome process. Especially in organizations with a large employee base, verifying all credentials manually is nearly impossible. The best way to ensure all records are both secure and up-to-date is to employ a comprehensive and secure license and certification verification system.

Certemys license verification system provides employers with a comprehensive and automated primary source verification process. An automated system cuts out manual input and ensures that all credentials are tracked, managed, and verified in real-time. It is used by some of the largest employers in the U.S. to save time, mitigate risk, and improve employee utilization through timely credentials verification.

Certemys cutting-edge license verification system helps protect organizations against risk, potential sanctions, and keeps them in the know regarding the statuses of their staff?s credentials. All information is stored in an easily-accessible system of record, allowing companies to quickly access employee credentials right away.

Organizations can leverage pre-built workflows, customizable dashboards, and configurable alerts to reveal key insights into the status and renewal of licenses and registrations. By having these features in place, companies can further streamline the licensure and certification process.

The Certified in Care Coordination and Transition Management (CCCTM) is the first certification to be verified on the Certemy platform via primary source. Other licenses and certifications available for verification include: RN, PT, TO-III, and many more.

With Certemys license verification system, companies gain the ability to easily monitor and track relevant certifications, licenses, and registrations of their staff. Doing so ensures compliance and reduces the burden on businesses.


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