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In a world where the importance of protecting businesses from regulatory compliance issues is a priority, verifying professional licenses and certifications is key. For any organization with employees or contractors who possess active licenses, primary source verification is the most accurate and reliable method of confirming that these credentials are both valid and up-to-date. As more organizations recognize the importance of validating credentials through primary source verification to reduce risk and ensure compliance, Certemy is emerging as a leader in providing a coordinated platform for license tracking and verification.

The process of verifying professional licenses and certifications through primary source verification is straightforward and provides assurance that all of an organizations personnel possess valid active credentials. When a person applies to a professional role in an organization, they are initially asked to provide the standard written application and other documents (resume, transcripts, etc.). At this point, the organizationshould begin collecting documents that certify the credentials of their applicant, such as degrees, certificates, and any professional licenses, such as a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia (DP). Once the organization has collected the appropriate documents, the next step is to verify those credentials with the primary source.

In the past, organizations verified credentials by manually contacting the issuing agency of the credential, or through a third-party service that processes credential verifications like CES, NCCA, AA, or NBCR. The manual way of verifying credentials works, but can be incredibly time-consuming and error-prone. A third-party verification solution can be more cost-effective and efficient, but leaves room for inaccuracy as third-party vendors do not always have access to all credential documents.

Primary source verification offers organizations a better way to confirm the validity of their personnel credentials. With access to authoritative sources of information, such as state government agency websIt is, companies are able to validate credentials and identify any disciplinary action against an individual in real-time. Once the primary source verification process is completed, the organization can confidently hire or retain an employee knowing that their professional credentials are valid and up-to-date.

Certemy is a leader in providing a validated license verification system that rescues organizations from the manual and time-consuming process of collecting and verifying credentials. Ubiquitous across a number of industries, Certemy is used to mitigate risk and improve staff utilization. Their automated primary-source verification system is designed to track and manage licenses and certifications, while providing complete visibility and control of an organizations compliance program

Customers of Certemy are able to leverage pre-built workflows and automated license application processes to improve team productivity and visibility. With real-time tracking of employee license credentials in one system of record, companies are able to trust that their personnel are cued up with the most accurate credential records in a comprehensive and secure environment.

Primary source verification is quickly becoming a viable solution for businesses looking to protect themselves from regulatory compliance and eliminate manual processes. Certemy has emerged as a leader in providing organizations with an automated system for verifying professional licenses and certifications, allowing customers to save time and improve their workforce utilization.


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