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Compliance with occupational licenses and certifications is an increasingly important responsibility for human resource operations. The need to continually review and verify employee credentials has been complicated further by the proliferation of at-home and remote work settings. Organizations have had to adapt to dynamic work structures and establish well-documented processes for ensuring compliance with applicable licensure and credentialing requirements. Automated primary source verification offers a streamlined and cost-effective method for verifying employee licenses and certifications with ease and accuracy, building a strong foundation for compliance success.

The use of automated primary source verification provides organizations with a streamlined way to ensure that their employee credentials are valid and up-to-date. Automated primary source verification software searches public records sources and verifies information related to a specific employee credential. This method eliminates the need for manual search processes, resulting in considerable savings in time and labor. Automated primary source verification also reduces errors due to manual input by providing organizations with a more reliable and accurate view of employee license and certification status.

Early adoption of automated primary source verification can help compliance teams avoid potential issues related to license disparities or lapsed credentials. Furthermore, organizations can ensure that their records are regularly updated by utilizing automated primary source verification, alleviating any worries that could arise from missing credentials or falling out of compliance with applicable regulations. Another key benefit of automated primary source verification is that it allows for real-time tracking of employee credentials, providing organizations with a ?single source of truth? for managing licensing and certifications.

Automated primary source verification can be used to verify credentials for various disciplines, including healthcare professionals such as nurses and physicians. For example, active nurse practitioners in the US must hold a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) certification. Automated primary source verification can be used to verify the validity of an FNP certification, helping an organization ensure that the credentials held by their employees are up-to-date and valid.

Certemy, a leader in license verification, provides an automated primary source verification system to ensure accurate employee records and compliance. The software facilitates the tracking and management of licenses and certifications with primary source verification, allowing organizations to stay ahead of regulatory requirements. Automated workflows enable organizations to quickly and easily apply for employee licenses and manage the application processes, improving productivity and efficiency of HR operations.

Automated primary source verification is an important component of any organizations compliance program. Organizations must stay up-to-date with applicable regulations and have a reliable system for verifying employee credentials and managing their records. Automated primary source verification can help prevent errors, mitigate risk, and reduce labor costs related to employee credentialing.


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