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When it comes to verifying licenses and certifications in the workplace, it is both an essential step for businesses and a labor-intensive processes. It is extremely tedious for Human Resources (HR) departments to stay proactive with the independent verification of credentials before a hire, and to maintain accurate licenses and certifications within the employee population. This is where an automated solution can be beneficial, providing an efficient solution to the often neglected task of tracking licenses and certifications.

Certemy is the leading automated primary source verification system for occupational licenses and certifications. It isimplifies the process, allowing employers to validate the credentials of employees while at the same time giving them the power to monitor their workforce compliance. This is made possible by the real-time tracking of employee licenses and certifications which are stored in one unified system of record.

By using Certemy, HR administrators get an up-to-date view of their employees credentials and they receive alerts when those credentials are on the verge of expiring or if any changes occur. This means that employers no longer have to worry about hiring and retaining staff with expired licenses or certifications. In addition, by automating license application processes, Certemy helps to improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization.

There are several ways that Certemy is different from other license verification programs. Firstly, it offers true primary source verification services, as it is able to communicate directly with the various government agencies that are responsible for issuing licenses and certifications. This is beneficial as it ensures that the credentials of the employee are accurate and up to date.

In addition, while many license verification programs offer pre-built workflows that are mostly configurable, Certemystands apart in that its pre-built workflows are completely scalable with each state?s licensing board rules and regulations. This kind of flexibility ensures that employers remain compliant across all of their operations in multiple jurisdictions.

The other major advantage of Certemy is that it is easy to use and understand. The dashboard is intuitive and the process of setting up the system is straightforward, taking only five minutes to install. Furthermore, the platform is user-friendly and can easily be scaled and customized as organizations increase their workforce size and requirements.

Certemy has been serving customers from the United States since its launch in 2020, and it is trusted by some of the largest U.S. employers. It is the only automated primary source verification system for occupational licenses and certifications, and it provides the only comprehensive platform for validating and managing licenses and certifications.

Having an automated primary source verification system is essential for any business striving to stay ahead of compliance. Certemy offers a comprehensive platform for validating and managing occupational licenses and certifications, and it is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States, making it the go-to solution for license and certification verification.


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