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We live in a world where licenses and credentials are essential for proper job performance. The importance of verifying those credentials and licenses is paramount to ensure that all employees are up to date and that there are no sanctions or other disciplinary actions. Verifying employee credentials and licenses has become increasingly complex and time-consuming for HR operations teams and organizations in the US, yet the need for accurate and valid information is crucial to prevent non-Compliance and financial risks.

In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of license and credential Verification for HR operations, explain why primary source verification is essential to the process, and discuss the advantages of real-time tracking of employee credentials. We’ll also provide an overview of Certemys verification system and how It isimplifies the process while improving team visibility and productivity.

Why License and Credential Verification Is Essential for HR Operations

Verifying employee licenses and credentials is a critical part of compliance. It is necessary for HR operations teams to ensure that all employees meet the qualifications that they were hired for and that they remain up to date on their licenses and credentials.

Having the wrong employee do the wrong job can have seriously damaging results. It can cause organizations to be non-compliant with industry regulations and lead to costly penalties. It can also result in financial losses due to the improper execution of the job in question.

Ensuring license and credential accuracy is also important for many organizations in terms of public safety. Healthcare institutions, for example, need to be certain that all medical staff are properly qualified to perform their duties.

The Need for Primary Source Verification

Verifying employee licenses and credentials is a complex process. It requires the evaluation of multiple sources of data including local, state, and federal databases; news sources; social media; and more. This evaluation process is often manual and time-consuming.

Primary source verification is the process of verifying information directly from the source. It is a reliable way to verify if an employees licenses and credentials are up to date. It involves contacting the appropriate issuing body, such as a state board of nursing in the case of the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) license.

This process is essential as the most accurate information will come directly from the issuing body. It eliminates the need for HR operations teams to painstakingly review multiple sources to ensure accuracy.

Real-Time Tracking of Employee Licenses and Credentials

The ability to track employee licenses and credentials in real-time is another essential component of the verification process. It allows organizations to stay ahead of compliance while also ensuring that all employees are properly qualified to execute tasks.

Real-time tracking also simplifies the process of tracking and managing licenses and credentials as it consolidates all of the data into one system. When changes or updates to employee licenses or credentials take place, they will be automatically updated in the system.

Certemy and Automated License Tracking and Verification

Certemy is an industry leader in license verification and automated license tracking and verifications. Their platform combines manual and digital processes to provide a comprehensive, automated verification system that can automatically validate occupational licenses and certifications across your workforce.

Certemys solution allows for complete visibility and control of a companies workforce compliance program, as well as pre-built workflows that are fully configurable for quickly applying and tracking employee licenses and credentials. It also provides the ability for organizations to document and control license applications to ensure accuracy.

Final thoughts

Ensuring that employee licenses and credentials are properly managed and verified is critical for any HR operations team. Primary source verification and automated license tracking and verification solutions like Certemys provide an efficient and reliable solution for quickly and accurately managing employee credentials.


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