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Managing workforce Compliance requires significant expertise, especially when trying to ensure employees have the necessary skills and certifications to do their job. Maintaining oversight of personnel records with accurate and up-to-date information is a daunting task. Thankfully, for certified corrections nurses and managers, license Verification technology offers a comprehensive compliance solution that simplifies the process of monitoring certifications.

Certified corrections nurses and managers must continually renew their professional licenses and credentials. This process can be tedious and time consuming; renewing one?s license often involves contacting the relevant state board with a request for current verification status. Furthermore, license and certification violations add more layers of complexity and burden to compliance monitoring.

Seeking a solution to cumbersome compliance management, many healthcare organizations have turned to Certified Corrections Nurses and Managers License Verification technology–such as Certemy–to centrally organize and monitor personnel credentials. This cutting-edge technology simplifies license monitoring and makes it easier to ensure employees? credentials are appropriate and up-to-date.

What is License Verification Technology?

License verification technology is software designed to automatically check whether a professional is in good standing with their state licensing board. Using an automated primary source verification system, this type of technology allows healthcare organizations to validate occupational licenses and certifications across their workforce. This provides dynamic notices when regulatory updates occur, allowing the organization to comply quickly and efficiently.

How Does License Verification Technology Work?

License verification technology works by consulting a variety of primary sources and databases. This includes state licensing boards, as well as boards of nursing or other governing bodies. Software then communicates directly with these databases and checks the professional’s credentials against the current verification status. Within a few minutes, the license verification technology can provide an up-to-date status of each professional’s license.

Benefits of Automated License Verification

Certified Corrections Nurses and Managers License Verification technology offers an array of benefits to healthcare organizations. First, it provides complete visibility and control over the organizations compliance program. Every license and certification is electronically tracked and managed in a secure system. This gives administrators easy access to employee credentials and eliminates the need to manually update and organize paperwork.

Second, license verification technology provides automated license tracking and primary source verification. This ensures healthcare organizations remain compliant and active at all times. With real-time tracking, administrators can quickly and easily review license statuses.

Third, Certemys licensure verification technology also leverages pre-built workflows that are easily configurable and can automate entire license application processes. This streamlines on-boarding and transition processes, allowing the organization to onboard new employees with ease.

The core message

Certemys Certified Corrections Nurses and Managers License Verification technology is a comprehensive compliance solution for healthcare entities. Automated license verification ensures licenses and certifications are up-to-date and allows administrators to track license statuses in real-time. By leveraging Certemys License Verification technology, compliance teams can stay ahead of regulatory updates and quickly and easily review employee credentials.


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