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Having a well-managed workforce compliance program is a critical element of any successful organization. With the increasing complexity of regulatory compliance requirements, organizations must ensure that all employees are appropriately licensed and have their certifications up to date. License verification is the process of confirming the validity of occupational licenses and certifications across an organizations workforce to ensure regulatory compliance.

Fortunately, there are tools available to help employers quickly and accurately verify the licensure and certifications of their workforce. Certemy is a primary source verification system that can automate and streamline the process of license verification, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting employers from costly fines and liability.

What is License Verification?

License and certification verification is the process of verifying an individual?s occupational license or certification status with the relevant state and/or federal agency that issued it. It is important to verify a license or certification as soon as possible, as it can reveal important information about an individual?s current status and any active disciplinary actions. Verification is particularly important for organizations in regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial services, and legal services where professional codes of conduct must be adhered to.

Why is License Verification Important?

License and certification verification is essential for organizations to protect themselves from potential fines or disciplinary action due to having unlicensed or unqualified staff. In addition, verifying a license can help ensure that employees are up to date on their education and skills. By regularly verifying licenses and certifications, employers can also track the expiration dates of their certificates, ensuring that they are always renewing their credentials and staying in compliance.

How Certemy Can Help

Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that streamlines and simplifies the process of license and certification verification. With Certemy, organizations can safely and cost-effectively verify the licenses and certifications of their workforce and stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

Certemy offers numerous benefits, including:

? Automated license tracking and primary source verification: Certemys automated and pre-built workflows make verifying licenses and credentials in one system of record quick and easy.

? Visibility and control of workforce compliance programs: With everything in one system of record, Certemy provides complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program.

? Tracking of employee licenses and credentials in real-time: Certemy ensures that employee licenses and certifications are always up-to-date and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

? Deployment of automated license application processes: Certemy offers pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to help automate license application processes.

Organizations that leverage Certemys license verification system can benefit from increased productivity, better resource utilization, and higher confidence in compliance across the entire organization.


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