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There’s an imperative need for healthcare organizations in the United States to be ever vigilant about the experience, qualifications, and credentials of care providers. Licensure and certification verifications are required across the cities, states, and federal sectors. To ensure it is done correctly in Todays digital world, technology, compliance, & security professionals have to keep up to date with the latest changes in healthcare laws, processes, and digital solutions.

Licensure and certification verification involves identification, validation, renewal, and revocation management of a health care provider’s initial licensure on a continual basis. Licenses must be verified with every facility or payer that a physician interacts with. A complete ongoing demonstration of the provider’s qualifications is integral to ensure that the provider has the skill, knowledge, and experience required to provide the highest quality (and legal) care.

It is the compliance teams responsibility to continuously review licensure and certification information of health care providers in order to maintain compliance with applicable laws. Not just that, the responsibility of managing provider credential verifications has gone up exponentially with the increase in consolidation in the healthcare world. It is not only critical to ensure accuracy at the time of onboarding, but also during renewal, on occasion of additional illness, hospital requirements and at any other time decision makers deem necessary.

The Challenges of Licensure and Certification Verification

Given the importance of maintaining up-to-date data, licensing and certification verification is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming process for compliance professionals. While some organizations still rely on manual verification processes, this method does not guarantee accuracy or compliance. Additionally, manual processes are costly and slow, often taking four to six weeks and sometimes longer.

Organizations also have to take into account the increasing complexity of healthcare compliance and regulations. With rapid changes in compliance, healthcare entities are faced with the challenge of staying updated on new requirements and constantly be on the lookout for any complaints, investigations, or disciplinary action against the practitioner.

It is impossible for manual processes to keep up with this dynamic landscape of credential and licensure verification. Every organizationstrives to ensure that they adhere to the highest standards of healthcare quality and patient safety thus it is important for the administrators and compliance departments to adopt automated licensure and certification of healthcare professionals.

The Benefits of Automated Licensure Verification

Automated licensure and certification provides better compliance as it is able to ensure quality and accuracy by approaching credential verification across a number of primary and secondary sources. Primary sources include regulatory agencies and relevant educational institutions. Secondary sources include online sources like professional websIt is and journals. Automated solutions consolidate and collect data from multiple sources by accessing primary-source databases in real-time, thereby reducing any human errors.

Automating the licensure and certification process helps administrative staff avoid redundancy by setting up customized audit reports to identify licensure expiration dates. In addition to that, these automated tools automate the entire compliance process with pre-built workflows that are easily configurable.

Organizations can also improve staff utilization with real-time tracking of employee licenses; it is easier to identify and replace any expired credentials and conduct timely follow-ups for credential renewals. Automating licensure and certification reduces the administrative overhead and paperwork for compliance personnel.

Solutions and Solutions for URL Verification

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that verifies occupational licenses and certifications across employees to ensure that they are properly renewed, free of any sanctions, and active.

Certemy ensures complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program and provides the necessary steps to maintain standards. Automated license tracking and primary source verification can help stay ahead of regulatory compliance and give you areal-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record.

Its advanced pre-built workflows are fully configurable to automate license application processes, which helps improve team productivity and visibility across the organization. These workflows enable organizations to efficiently manage licensure and certification without any manual processes and associated risks.

Certemy also offers document & credential management for secure storage of license, certificate, and other documents with navigation support for identifying documents to upload. It has an automated 2008 payment & invoicing system to manage payment, accounting, and invoices.

This streamlined platform ends up being 20 times faster compared to manual credentialing while being 100% compliant and cost-effective.


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