License Verification Tool | Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse

Licensure and certification requirements ensure that medical-surgical registered nurses (MSRN) have the skills required to provide quality healthcare and protect the public. Unfortunately, verifying certification or licensure is often a time and labor-intensive process. Primary source Verification (PSV) is an automated system designed to simplify license and certification verification and provide HR professionals with insight into their Compliance program.

PSV offers healthcare organizations better visibility into their employee certification and licensure status, giving HR teams the flexibility to manage license applications, track employee credentials, and monitor regulatory compliance with digital convenience. By leveraging pre-built workflows and automated license tracking, PSV gives organizations greater control over their compliance programs and provides a comprehensive view of employee credentials in a variety of healthcare environments.

Organizations are increasingly utilizing oversees and contingent workers to meet staffing needs. With PSV, healthcare organizations have the ability to verify credentials for these individuals and make sure they meet the requirements for performing the duties of their position. Additionally, PSV can be used to keep track of license renewals for existing MSRNs, allowing organizations to proactively manage their compliance program and collect real-time data on the status of their employees? qualifications.

Using a PSV solution like Certemysimplifies the process of licensing and certifying staff by automating the entire verification process. With Certemy, organizations can rest assured that their MSRNs have all of the necessary qualifications. Certemys streamlined workflow helps HR Professionals verify licensure more efficiently, so organizations can have greater confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of their compliance information.

The primary source verification process helps ensure healthcare organizations can effectively verify credentialing and licensing requirements for their MSRN employees. With PSV, organizations can avoid costly Compliance and Regulatory fines and maintain a current record of their employees? credentials. By keeping track of certification and licensure requirements, healthcare organizations can save time, prevent mistakes, and mitigate risk.

The automated primary source verification solution offered by Certemy verifies and manages certificates and licenses, including those of Medical-Surgical Registered Nurses, securely and quickly in a single system of record. With Certemy, organizations have improved team productivity, increased compliance, and improved visibility into their workforce of MSRNs.


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