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Advanced Neurovascular Practitioner (ANVP) is one of the fastest growing healthcare roles in the US. As such, it is important for healthcare organizations to ensure that their ANVPs have up-to-date and valid licenses and credentials. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to keep track of license expiration dates and changes in regulations, leading to a Compliance burden that affects quality of service and patient care.

Primary source Verification is an essential tool that healthcare organizations can use to ensure compliance with licensing regulations and maximize their efficiency. This article provides an overview of how primary source verification works, the types of information it can obtain, and the benefits it offers.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is the process of validating a professional?s qualifications and licenses to practice. Primary source verification involves obtaining the most recent and accurate information directly from the issuing organization or official records source. It is an effective way to ensure that healthcare practitioners have the proper credentials and licensing to practice in the US, as well as their current expiration dates.

Primary source verification also helps to reduce duplicate licensing efforts by collecting all credentials and licensing information in one place, allowing organizations to keep track of multiple licenses with ease. This information can include, but it is not limited to, license numbers, date and place of licensure, restrictions, and expiration dates.

Types of Information Obtained With Primary Source Verification

One of the key benefits of primary source verification is that it can provide detailed information about a professional?s qualifications and licensure. Depending on the type of organizations or sources involved, primary source verification can provide information such as:

? Date of licensure.

? License number.

? Licensing jurisdiction.

? Types of services that can be provided under the licensure.

? Renewal requirements and expiration dates.

? Restrictions on practice.

? Disciplinary or other actions taken against the license.

Benefits of Primary Source Verification for ANVP Licensure

Primary source verification offers numerous benefits for healthcare organizations that employ ANVPs, including:

? Ensuring Compliance: By obtaining the most up-to-date information directly from official records sources, healthcare organizations can ensure compliance with licensing regulations and avoid costly fines or sanctions.

? Ease of Tracking: Primary source verification provides organizations with all the necessary information about a professional?s licensing in one place, making it easier to track multiple licenses and expiration dates.

? Saving Time and Money: The automated nature of primary source verification eliminates the need for duplicate licensing efforts, saving time and money.

? Improved Staff Utilization: Primary source verification makes it easier to identify up-to-date professionals with the proper licensure and skills to meet healthcare demands, reducing hiring costs and improving staff utilization.

Primary source verification is an essential tool for healthcare organizations that employ ANVPs and must ensure licensing compliance. It offers numerous benefits, such as ensuring compliance, ease of tracking, saving time and money, and improving staff utilization.


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