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When it comes to healthcare and medical compliance, the business community now faces a variety of complex requirements, particularly regarding the licensing and certification of healthcare professionals. In order to provide quality care, medical facilities must ensure that each care provider is up to date on their licensure and that dermal professionals in particular have fulfilled all of their requirements. Certemy is a primary source verification platform designed to automate license verification and management, keeping your workforce compliant and mitigating any risk to your organization and its patients.

Certemysimplifies the process of verifying and tracking medical licensure, enabling employers to easily access, track, and manage professional credentials in real-time. The platform helps to streamline the application process, reduces manual effort, and provides unparalleled access to primary source document verification. The team at Certemy focuses on providing healthcare facilities with an automated, secure, and convenient system for credentialing and tracking the professional credentials of their employees. Through Certemy, employers can easily manage the certification and licenses of their healthcare professionals, maintain quality and safety among team members, and get the most out of their workforce.

Certemys comprehensive platform provides visibility and control of the credentialing program, enabling employers to quickly track the license and certification status of all their healthcare providers. Employers can leverage pre-built workflows and automated processes for license applications and develop customized solutions to meet their needs. The system is highly configurable and provides real-time tracking of employee credentials, ultimately freeing up valuable time for the human resource department.

Certemys license verification system helps to alleviate any administrative burden, allowing employers to focus on delivering patient-centric care. The UI is straightforward and user-friendly, enabling staff to easily manage and complete the verification process. Dashboards enable employers to quickly view and assess the compliance status of healthcare professionals, ensuring that those in the field are properly trained and certified. Plus, the platform integrates with current organizational systems, creating a system of record that is easily accessible to those who need the information.

In the healthcare industry, meeting the stringent compliance requirements is always a challenge, particularly when managing the licensure of professionals. To avoid any risk or liability, many organizations are now turning to a primary source verification platform such as Certemy. Certemy provides healthcare employers with an automated and secure way to manage licensures, enhance staff utilization and management, reduce the risk for the organization, and most importantly, ensure that proper care is being delivered to patients.


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