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As an HR operations professional, you understand the importance of maintaining a workforce with active and compliant licenses and certifications. A Certified Continence Care Nurse, for example, plays an important role in providing care and support for patients suffering from bladder and/or bowel ailments, and as such, you need to make sure that all of your Continence Care Nurses possess the required licenses and certifications to work in the field.

At Certemy, we provide an automated primary source Verification system that validates the occupational licenses and certifications of your Continence Care Nurses. Our system verifies that each license and certification is current and renewed without any sanctions or any other disciplinary issues. This provides you with complete visibility and control of your Compliance program.

Here are the features that make Certemy the ideal License Verification tool for monitoring your Continence Care Nurse workforce:

Real-Time Tracking of Employee Licenses and Credentials in One System of Record

Certemy license tracking tracks and manages the licenses and certifications of your Continence Care Nurses in one system of record. You have real-time visibility into their credentials, and our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to spot issues or trends quickly. And when you have all your employee data in one place, you can ensure that all of your personnel information is up to date and compliant with regulations.

Automated License Application Processes

Our pre-built workflows are fully configurable and are highly helpful when automating the license application process. You can configure workflows that streamline the process of applying for a new license, renewing an existing license, or notifying employees when their license is due for renewal. This ensures that Continence Care Nurses are applying for and renewing their credentials on time, without any delay.

Mitigation of Risk and Improved Staff Utilization

Certemy makes it easier to ensure that all of the Continence Care Nurses working in your establishment have valid and current certifications and licenses. The automated verification process eliminates guesswork and reduces the risk of errors. Additionally, our License Verification tool allows you to monitor license expiration dates and take appropriate action. This in turn allows you to increase the efficiency and utilization of staff, as you can better allocate resources to functions that need them the most.

Save Time with an Automated Process

Certemys primary source verification process is automated and is thereby faster and more efficient than manual processes. Our system quickly and accurately verifies that the Continence Care Nurses? licenses and certifications are active, valid, and up to date. This saves the time and effort of having to manually verify each license on your own.


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Certemy is the leader in License Verification and provides an automated primary source verification system to validate the occupational licenses and certifications of your Continence Care Nurses. Our real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials into one system of record allow you to safely and easily monitor license expiration dates and mitigate risk in the workforce. Our pre-built workflows help streamline license application and renewal processes