License Verification Tool | Acute/Critical Care Nursing (Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal)

Licensing and certification of nursing professionals plays an important role in the healthcare industry. As a result, It is essential for employers to stay up to date with license and certification requirements to ensure that the employees they hire are qualified and compliant with regulations. Certemy offers a comprehensive license Verification solution for acute/critical care nursing (adult, pediatric, and neonatal) that enables employers to easily verify and track licenses and certifications, as well as stay ahead of regulatory Compliance.

What Is License Verification?

License verification is the process of verifying the accuracy of credentials held by medical professionals including nurses and physicians. This is especially important in the acute/critical care arena, where, due to the important and complex nature of the profession, healthcare organizations must ensure that the people they hire are licensed and have the appropriate qualifications.

Certemy provides an automated license verification solution that enables employers to easily verify and track their staff’s credentials and certifications. Employers are able to ensure that each employee is legally compliant and is properly licensed and credentialed. Additionally, they can track license renewal activities to ensure that paperwork is up to date and all requirements are met.

What Does Certemy Offer?

Certemy is a leader in license verification, offering a comprehensive solution for healthcare businesses. Their automated primary source verification system validates occupational licenses and certifications for acute/critical care professionals (adult, pediatric, and neonatal). With Certemy, businesses have complete visibility and control of their compliance program.

The automated system allows businesses to track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification, stay ahead of regulatory compliance, and achieve real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials. It also integrates prebuilt workflows that are fully configurable, allowing businesses to better automate their license application processes.

Benefits of Automating License Verification

The benefits of automating license verification with Certemy are numerous. By automating the verification process, employers can save time, reduce risk, and improve staff utilization. Additionally, Certemy helps businesses leverage prebuilt workflows that are configurable, enabling them to streamline their license application processes and improve efficiency. The system is also designed to provide clear visibility and control across the entire organization.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Certemy is easy. All that’s required is for employers to create an account, select a plan, and begin verifying licenses and certifications. The process is straightforward and can be completed within minutes.


Licensing and certification of nursing professionals is essential to the healthcare industry. To ensure that all requirements are met and that staff are qualified and legally compliant, employers must stay up to date with license and certification requirements. With Certemy, businesses can automate the verification process and ensure that their staff are properly qualified and certified. This in turn enables employers to reduce risk and improve staff utilization, as well as gain visibility and control across their entire organization.


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