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Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioners (OCNPs) play a crucial role in the delivery of high-quality cancer care, efficiently managing a variety of tasks and remaining up to date on the latest innovations in oncology. For oncology services to maintain their high standards and continue to provide the best patient care, it is important that they employ OCNPs that meet and maintain the high qualifications of a certified practitioner.

Providing a rigorous process for verifying an applicant?s qualifications and ensuring licensure Compliance can be a complex and time-consuming task, however. Certemy provides a comprehensive primary source Verification solution for employers and healthcare providers to ensure their OCNPs are properly certified and that their license is valid and in good standing.

Benefits of Using Certemy for Primary Source Verification of Oncology Certifications

Using Certemys automated primary source verification system, employers can easily validate an OCNPs’ occupational licenses and certifications, ensuring they remain active, adequately renewed, and free of any disciplinary actions. It is also a powerful tool for reducing risk and staying ahead of regulatory compliance, as license tracking and primary source verification is automated and monitored often in real-time.

Certemys pre-built workflows are extremely configurable and customizable for each organization, streamlining staff utilization and improving team productivity and visibility across entire departments. Additionally, Certemys easy-to-use platform also allows organizations to focus on improving the patient experience, with a system providing 24/7 visibility and control over your workforce compliance program.


At Certemy, we are committed to improving the quality of care and patient experience by providing the most advanced and reliable primary source verification solutions to promote occupational compliance among OCNPs and other healthcare professionals. With our robust certifying process, employers can rest assured that their OCNPs are in compliance with occupational qualification standards, meaning your healthcare organization will remain up to date with its licensure requirements and maintain the highest patient care standards.


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