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Maintaining compliance levels of a workforce through proper management of licenses and certifications is of utmost importance to any organization. This labor compliance process becomes increasingly more complex as organizations expand, and manual systems of tracking and verification fail to meet the organizations? needs. Primary source license verification provides the necessary checks and balances to ensure employee credentials are properly validated, up-to-date, and in line with organizational objectives. To further complicate matters, regulatory bodies across the United States, such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), have started to institute more rigorous compliance standards for license verification.

Primary source license verification is the only solution that can ensure timely and accurate results. By verifying credentials through the issuing board or agency, employers can have confidence that their employees? current credentials are compliant with any and all relevant regulations or requirements. Mittentech?s Certemy platform is a leader in license verification, providing an automated system that performs primary source verification on occupational licenses and certifications for employees, across all US states.

The Certemy Difference

Certemys automated primary source verification system offers a number of features that provide complete visibility and control of the organizations compliance program. It provided in-depth insight into employee credentialing through real-time tracking of licenses and certifications. Certemy also automates the process of license applications, which eliminates the need for manual entry and reduces operational time. With its automated tracking and real-time notifications, the platform allows organizations to remain aware and proactive when it comes license and credential renewal. The platform is also highly configurable and offers pre-built workflows for routine tasks which enable HR professionals to work faster and smarter.

Using Certemy to Mitigate Risk

When it comes to compliance, organizations must take the necessary steps to reduce the risks associated with employees? credentials. Certemy provides organizations with the tools and visibility they need to manage credentialing accurately and in line with internal and external requirements. By reducing the risk of bad hires or employee regulatory infractions, organizations can focus more on growing and expanding their operations.

The platform is trusted by some of the largest US employers, and offers verifications that satisfy JCAHO and CMS. Certemy also offers guidance on the best practices for employee background checks and reviews. All of this is combined into a single system of record with complete analytics and searchable fields.

The Future of License Verification

Organizations across the US are turning to primary source license verification as a measure for improved compliance and risk mitigation. With Certemy, organizations are able to stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements while improving their teams productivity and visibility. Certemy allows employers to focus on the growth of their business by removing the guesswork and ensuring that their credentialing is accurate, timely, and compliant.


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