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The challenge of ensuring a compliant workforce in nursing homes is an arduous one. With multiple licenses and certifications required to be up-to-date, it can be difficult to accurately keep track of all the required documents and licenses. Primary source verification is a reliable way to quickly and easily keep tabs on the licenses of your employees and ensure they are compliant.

Primary source verification is the process of using a third party to validate the accuracy of active and valid licenses and certifications. This process is required in many sector-specific industries like healthcare and is used to prevent fraud and to ensure that all employees have up-to-date and valid documents. Through automated primary source verification, organizations are able to keep tabs on employee licenses and certifications, provide a higher level of service to their customers, and save compliance costs in the long run.

With automated license verification from Certemy, organizations can keep track of required renewals and other changes in an employees license status quickly and easily. Certemys automated primary source verification process is a comprehensive solution, providing organizations with full visibility and control over their compliance program. Automated license tracking creates a single system of record that captures all licenses and certifications, which are then verified and monitored in real-time so organizations can always be sure they are providing the high-level of service expected.

Certemys built-in workflow automation also removes the manual labour from license application processes. From self-service license management platforms to license approval routing, Certemy offers powerful automation solutions to streamline the entire licensing process, increasing productivity and ensuring complete visibility to the entire organization. Not only does this system of automation help organizations significantly reduce costs, but it also drives greater operational efficiencies and creates a system for seamless compliance.

Certemys cutting-edge license verification system is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to ensure their staff utilization is up to date and compliant with all relevant regulations. By taking the manual leg-work out of the license audit process and giving organizations actionable insights into their employee performance, Certemy provides an overall comprehensive solution for primary source verification.

Organizations of all sizes, especially those in highly regulated industries, must ensure they are regularly and accurately tracking and verifying employee licenses and certifications. Certemys automated primary source verification ensures organizations have the necessary tools and prevention to not only provide efficient compliant service to their customers, but also to save time and ultimately optimize their workforce utilization.


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