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The need for qualified and licensed medical professionals is an essential component of providing high quality patient care in both clinical and public safety settings. However, ensuring that each medical staff member has the necessary valid license and that current credentialing information is available for all medical professionals on staff can be a complex, lengthy, and arduous process without the right tools and compliance management protocols in place.

Primary source verification (PSV) provides you with an effective, automated solution for managing medical licenses and tracking each staff member?s current licensure information. By implementing a PSV program, employers can verify the accuracy of credentials, track changes as they occur and create a single source of truth for license data eliminating inconsistencies throughout the organization.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is a process that confirms a professional?s qualifications such as medical licenses, certifications, or continuing education credits. The verification is ?primary source? because the data is obtained directly from the original release of the documentation. This might include obtaining information directly from the issuing board, regulatory body, or organizations that oversee the credentials.

When introducing a primary source verification program into a medical organization, employers can now easily and accurately trust their workforce?s credentials. By removing the guesswork and introducing data integrity into the process, employers can better manage risks, save time and improve team productivity.

How Is Primary Source Verification Used?

Primary source verification is an essential procedure for the hiring and credentialing of medical staff. Whether a hospital, clinic, lab, or public safety service provider, having reliable credentials for professional staff is a must. By verifying the credentials and track resolution status, employers can mitigate errors that can occur from manual processes and maintain consistency in the organization.

Some of the most common applications of PSV include:

Verifying medical license

Validate certification/Continuing Education Credits (CEC)

Manage dispute resolution

Access to primary source information

The Benefits of Primary Source Verification for Medical License Tracking

With the introduction of primary source verification programs, employers can now easily streamline their process and quickly access accurate information from the source. PSV programs also benefit organizations through improved staff utilization, saved time and cost in processing, and fewer malpractice suits caused by credentialing inconsistencies. Here are some of the top benefits organizations can experience:

Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials

Fast access to source data on license and certification

Automatically check license expiration dates

Reduction in administrative paperwork

Improved efficiency with workflows for license applications

Mitigation of risk associated with incorrect data

Reduced cost in errors caused from manual record keeping

Instant verification and accuracy of credentials

How Certemy Can Help Organizations With Primary Source Verification

Certemy is an automated primary source verification platform specifically designed for large and mid-sized organizations, including medical-focused organizations. Built to provide the highest compliance with regulatory standards, Certemys management system is backed by a global network of 180+ stakeholders to source, verify, and attest to a professional?s credentials.

Certemys automated system receives and stores data from issuing boards or regulatory organizations and verifies credentials with the respective sources. This process provides immediate access to up-to-date, accurate credential information for an organizations entire team, and let employers know that any new hires have properly registered for their license and is eligible to practice in their profession.

Certemy also offers a digital data hub to store primary source data and leverage the full potential of the healthcare IT infrastructure. By introducing a secure and interconnected system, organizations can now instantly decide which staff members can practice in a particular VERIFiable area.

Concluding perspectives

Primary source verification is a powerful tool to ensure the accuracy of medical credentials and increase compliance throughout an organization. Through Certified?s automated platform, employers will save time tracking and monitoring credentials while improving the quality of patient care and increase team productivity. As more organizations are looking to provide safe and quality patient care, primary source verification is becoming an essential tool to ensure employee credentials are meeting standards.


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