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License compliance programs are an essential part of Todays human resource operations and, if not managed properly, can be the source of serious liabilities plaguing an organization. Primary source verification (PSV) is a critical component for any compliance program, to validate that the documents and licenses held by employees are still active, properly renewed, and free of any disciplinary actions.

These licenses are required for employees to be actively working in their profession, but many organizations, especially those with large numbers of staff, find it difficult to manually manage and track license documents and keep up with their regulatory requirements. To counter these challenges, a license verification solution can help streamline and automate the process, making it easier for HR professionals to stay ahead of compliance issues and mitigate potential risks.

Understanding Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is the practice of validating licenses and other credentials to ensure they are accurate, up to date, and in good standing. It involves using authoritative sources to obtain the current status and pertinent information about the employees license.

For example, with medical professionals, the primary source is the State Medical Board or Department of Health. For nursing, the primary source is the State Board of Nursing. This information typically includes the applicant?s name, the license number, type, issue date, renewal date, expiration date, and any disciplinary actions.

Primary source verification can be done manually but this process is time consuming, labor-intensive, and subject to human error. Organizations dealing with large numbers of staff have increasingly turned to automated solutions such as Certemy, which uses an advanced primary source verification system to provide comprehensive oversight of the verification process and ensure 100% accuracy.

Benefits of Automated License Verification

When implemented properly, automated license verification systems offer numerous advantages, including:

Saves Time: Manual license verification is a slow and tedious process. It requires HR personnel to search through numerous databases, verify information, and send out and track applications ? this takes up valuable time that could be spent on more mission-critical tasks. An automated system can streamline the verification process and provide HR teams with real-time feedback so they can devote their time elsewhere.

Improved Visibility: Automated license tracking solutions provide the HR team with a centralized dashboard with real-time visibility into the license doc verification process. This can help improve compliance confidence and provide peace of mind that every staff member?s license is valid and in good standing.

Risk Mitigation: Faulty licenses can lead to significant financial and reputational risks for organizations. An automated license verification system can help organizations ensure their staff are in compliance and protected from the risks posed by out-of-date or expired documents.

Streamlined Workflows: Automated primary source verification systems can simplify the application process with pre-built workflows that can be configured accordingly and shorten the time it takes to review and approve applications.

Conducting Primary Source Verification with Certemy

Certemy offers a complete end-to-end compliant license verification solution to track and manage your organizations licenses and certifications. The system supports license tracking via primary source verification for over 100 different licensing and certification bodies, with real-time updates, automated notifications, and configurable workflows.

The system allows organizations to view and track all their license documents from a single dashboard. This helps provide better staff utilization, improved transparency, and greater compliance confidence. Certemy also leverages industry-leading AI and machine learning technologies to help reduce manually verifying documents and automate tedious and time-consuming processes.

To summarize

Primary source verification is an important component for organizations to successfully manage their license compliance programs and mitigate potential compliance risks. Automated PSV systems can help provide organizations with a comprehensive solution for validating, tracking, and managing their employee licenses and certifications. Certemy provides a complete and automated license verification solution that can help you stay ahead of regulatory compliance and simplify the application process.


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