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Recruiting, managing, and retaining qualified health care personnel is critical in Todays competitive job market for organizations providing hospice and palliative care. Ensuring that your staff meets the qualifications necessary to provide the highest quality of care for patients is key. Primary source Verification, also known as license verification, is a system designed to validate the licensure, certification, registration, or other credential of individuals who deliver health care services.

Primary source verification ensures that employees meet the minimum standards of practice in their profession by verifying their qualifications and credentials with the issuing organization when they are initially hired. It also provides organizations with the assurance that their employees’ credentials?such as licensure, certifications, and registrations?are up to date and in good standing.

This article will explore the importance of automated license tracking for hospice and palliative nurses and the benefits of using a platform like Certemy to simplify the process. It will discuss the process of primary source verification and the key features of a license tracking platform that ensures Compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices. Furthermore, it will highlight the importance of having a secure system of record for license verification and how it can help organizations reduce time and costs associated with the process, while also mitigating risks for patients and improving staff utilization.

What is Primary Source Verification (PSV)?

Primary source verification is a process of confirming an individual?s qualifications and credentials such as licensing, certification and/or registration with the issuing source, often a state licensing board or profession-specific governing body. This process is in place to ensure that healthcare providers practicing in the United States meet the minimum competency requirements of the profession.

Primary source verification is designed to give employers and organizations a greater level of assurance that the person they have hired is in fact qualified and meets the appropriate standards. It also helps healthcare providers submit proof of credentials to employers more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods.

Benefits of Using Automated License Tracking

Organizations providing hospice and palliative care should have a secure and efficient way to access and verify the credentials of their staff as required by regulatory bodies. Automated license tracking verified through primary source verification is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for organizations and provides several benefits:

1. Ensure Regulatory Compliance: Automated license tracking ensures that staff credentials are verified according to regulatory standards and best practices. It provides organizations with a secure system of record to verify, monitor and store employee licensure and certifications, eliminating the need to manually search for, or store, records in multiple locations.

2. Improve Staff Utilization: Automated license tracking and primary source verification improves staff utilization, making it easier for organizations to see which staff are qualified for a position and deploy them quickly and efficiently when needed.

3. Reduce Time and Cost: Automated license tracking can save organizations considerable time and money, as it eliminates the need for manual processes and paperwork to collect credentials and verify credentials.

4. Mitigate Risk: Automated license tracking mitigates risk by ensuring that all staff are verified and any disciplinary actions taken by regulators are flagged. This helps organizations identify potential risks early on, allowing them to take action to protect patients and reduce liability.

How Does Certemysupport Automated License Tracking?

Certemy is a license-tracking platform designed to streamline and automate the primary source verification process for organizations providing hospice and palliative care. Certemys fully automated system allows employers to seamlessly confirm the licensure, certifications, and registrations of their employees with primary source information from professional organizations in multiple jurisdictions across the United States.

Certemys license tracking platform provides organizations with a secure system of record where administrative staff can easily view, manage, update, and store employee credentials in one convenient location. Organizations can leverage the platform?s built-in workflows to quickly and efficiently apply for licensure or re-verify credentials of the staff.

The powerful dashboard brings together all the information about the organizations staff in one place and offers the ability to filter who can view, approve, and process the data, while also alerting administrators to any exceptions or potential risks.


Primary source verification is one of the most important steps organizations can take to protect patients, staff, and their brand. Ensuring that your staff are qualified and meet minimum competency requirements helps reduce liability and potential risks, while providing greater assurance that the highest quality of care is being provided.

Automated license tracking is an efficient way to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and keep informed of any disciplinary actions. Certified provides a secure system of record with powerful built-in workflow capabilities, allowing for seamless and efficient management and verification of employee credentials.


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