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Primary source verification (PSV) is a critical component of effective compliance in the workplace. Employers must constantly verify the professional credentials of their employees to ensure that the qualifications they?ve claimed are valid and up-to-date. In many cases, this is done manually, which can be time-consuming and is often prone to errors and oversight.

Certemys automated license verification system is revolutionizing this process. This system is designed to provide consistent and accurate PSV quickly and efficiently. In this guide, we?ll review how an automated license verification system works, and why It is quickly becoming the go-to choice for HR professionals across the US.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is a compliance process employed in many industries, where employers must confirm the professional credential of their employees and contractors. This includes verifying license and certification as well as ensuring the qualifications are up-to-date and free from disciplinary action.

PSV for medical and related professions often requires consulting with professional boards, certification organizations, and schools to confirm qualifications. It is also important to verify that an employee has no known sanctions or other disciplinary actions in their record.

The Benefits of Automated License Verification

Certified Nursing Assistants (Cs) and other medical professionals must be qualified and certified in order to work in the US. This is where automated license verification systems come in.

These systems are designed to provide an efficient solution for regular PSV checks in accordance with US regulations. Here are some of the benefits of an automated PSV system:

Save time: Automated systems complete the PSV process in minutes, with no manual work required by the HR team.

Reduced errors: Automated systems reduce the number of human errors, which can result in costly fines and suspensions.

Better transparency: Automated systems provide comprehensive visibility of the license and certification status of staff across the organization.

Increased compliance: Automated systems are compliant with US regulations, ensuring employers meet their obligations without delay.

How Automated Systems Simplify Primary Source Verification

Certemys automated license verification system is a prime example of how automated solutions can simplify the PSV process. The system uses an automated cloud-based system to protect employers and help them determine the qualifications of their staff in minutes.

Here?s how it works:

Employers upload digital certificates of their employees, such as Cs.

The certificates are then verified for authenticity by the system.

Certificates are checked for valid expiration dates.

The system searches and audit databases maintained by official boards to detect any records of sanctions.

The automated system then produces an in-depth report on the qualifications of the employee.

Last ideas

Primary source verification is a complicated and tedious process, but It is also one of the most important elements of regulatory compliance for US employers. Automated license verification systems are becoming increasingly popular because they reduce costs, reduce errors, and speed up the compliance process.

Certemys automated license verification system is revolutionizing the industry with its comprehensive and secure approach to primary source verification. With the system, employers can verify the qualifications of their staff quickly and accurately, reducing the risk of financial and legal penalties due to non-compliance.


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