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Orthopedic Nurse Practitioners (ONPs) play an important role in the healthcare industry, providing critically needed medical services to patients suffering from musculoskeletal trauma or injury. To ensure these practitioners are offering safe and competent practice, licensure and certification are required. With many healthcare organizations balancing tight budgets and facing increasing administrative tasks, primary source verification (PSV) of ONP licenses can provide an efficient and secure way to remain compliant with current laws and regulations.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is a process in which a healthcare organization confirms the credentials, certifications, and validity of a practitioner?s license. This process extends beyond just calling a state licensing board, though, as it requires accessing multiple sources of information and verifying the information from the practitioner. This includes employment history, educational history, licensure status, and any legal or disciplinary action taken against them.

This verification process ensures the highest level of care is always provided and protects a healthcare organization from allegations of failing to properly verify a practitioner?s credentials. Verifying an ONP?s credentials is best done through an automated system to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Advantages of Automated Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is necessary for ONPs to ensure they are providing the highest level of patient care in an efficient and compliant manner. Automating this process has several advantages, including:

? Real-time Access To Accurate Information ? Automated PSV is more efficient than manual PSV, providing real-time access to accurate data that can be quickly acted upon. Automated PSV prevents costly errors by quickly identifying inconsistencies in a practitioner?s licensing information, reducing the risk of poor patient care and legal action.

? Streamlines Employee Onboarding ? In the healthcare industry, time is a critical factor. Automating the PSV process significantly reduces the amount of time needed to verify an ONP?s license, so organizations can get practitioners to work more quickly. This can also free up time for other important tasks such as onboarding new staffers or addressing patient needs.

? Full Visibility & Control ? Automated PSV provides complete visibility into the licensing status of an ONP. This allows a healthcare organization to track compliance and maintain control over any changes that may affect a practitioner?s ability to offer care.

? Improved Staff Utilization ? With Automated PSV, staffing shortages and personnel changes can be managed more quickly and easily, allowing organizations to adjust staff utilization in response to changing demand and optimizing efficiency.

End thoughts

Automated primary source verification is an important tool for healthcare organizations and ONPs to ensure compliance and patient safety. By providing real-time access to accurate information, streamlined employee onboarding, full visibility into licensing status, and improved staff utilization, automated PSV can help healthcare organizations provide the highest level of care while minimizing risk and cost.


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