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Human resource management, involving the regulations and procedures related to the hiring, onboarding, and managing of an organizations workforce, has become a daunting task. With an increasingly complex web of global laws, employers must ensure they remain compliant and mitigate legal risk. A key element of human resource and operations compliance is to ensure that all employees have the appropriate licenses and certifications to do their jobs, as mandated by their respective jurisdictions. The need for real-time tracking and monitoring of licenses and certifications has never been more pressing and requires a solution that can automate the entire process.

Enter Certemy. Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that helps organizations validate their employees occupational licenses and certifications in order to ensure regulatory compliance. Certemys license verification tools give employers complete visibility and control of their compliance program, reducing the likelihood of fines or penalties due to expired licenses and certifications.

In order to remain compliant, organizations must regularly track and review employee credentials. Certemy provides a real-time, centralized system of record for employee credentials that makes it easier to review and organize employee documents. Certemys pre-built workflows automate the collection, approval, and storage of documents ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. These workflows are customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific compliance regulations of an organization.

Companies hiring employees in the United States have to adhere to very specific laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). Certemys license verification services guarantee that employers are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. With an automated system, employers can easily track employee licenses and certifications, and be notified of any changes or discrepancies.

Certemy also helps employers save time and money by reducing manual data entry and having access to critical license and certification information instantly. By automating the tracking and storage of employee credentials, organizations can better manage the compliance process and quickly review the credentials of prospective employees. Instead of spending hours manually processing and storing license documents, employers can trust that Certemys system of primary source verification will ensure accurate and up to date credential information.

In an ever rapidly shifting legal landscape, it is critical for companies to ensure they are compliant and remain in good standing. Certemys License Verification is a reliable, easy to use solution that guarantees regulatory compliance and helps organizations save time and money.


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