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Having an up-to-date staff of compliance professionals is increasingly important for health care organizations. Credentialing and license verification helps ensure that all of the professionals on a healthcare organizations compliance team are in good standing with their licensing and certifying bodies, and that they are legally qualified to practice in their field. Keeping up-to-date records of credential and license verifications can help organizations better manage risk, protect against negligence, and ensure that their staff is compliant with any state and federal regulations.

Certemy has developed a robust platform that streamlines the credential and license verification process, making it easier and faster for organizations to keep accurate records and confirm an employees current credentialing status and qualifications. This includes for Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM) credentials. The platform is built to support organizations in managing their compliance and credentialing programs, and is trusted by some of the largest employers in the US.

The platform tracks documents, certificates, and license information needed to ensure compliance. Automation features make it easy to keep accurate records and verify credentials with primary source validation. It also gives organizations peace of mind by automatically tracking employee credentials and licenses, and provides real-time visibility into the status of an organizations staff and their qualifications.

The benefits of automation for healthcare organizations are clear:

Improved staff utilization, so each employee is used efficiently and in accordance with their qualifications

A more efficient management process that reduces manual labor and paperwork

Reduced risk by automating background checks and regularly validating documentation

Real-time tracking of employee records in one system of record

Better control over compliance processes with accurate and up-to-date licensing, certification, and credentialing information for all personnel

Easier management of background checks and audits, and improved staff performance tracking

Certemy also helps organizations save time and money by automating license application processes with pre-built workflows. This includes features such as real-time notification when a staff member needs to renew their license or certification. Automation and primary source validation helps organizations keep up with federal and state regulations, so they can operate legally and in accordance with their licensing boards.

In the health care industry, it is paramount that organizations have the necessary personnel and records in order to ensure compliance and reduce risk. Certemys automated platform helps organizations verify credentials and license information quickly and easily. It allows them to stay on top of legal changes, reduce time and money spent on paperwork and manual processes, and maintain a proficient compliance staff.


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