License Verification Tool | NCNS- Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist?

When it comes to healthcare, compliance is key. Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialists (NCNSs) are responsible for providing the best care for premature infants or newborns with serious health issues. As such, it is important that potential employers ensure that their professionals are properly verified and licensed to provide the best care to the sensitive patients. Being licensed also helps to protect the healthcare provider from any legal liabilities.

Primary source license verification is the rigorous process of authenticating a professional?s license. When it comes to verification of CCNSs, it is important that employers using license verification processes can confirm the accreditation of the nurse?s certification.

Thankfully, technology has made the process of verifying NCNS licenses easier. Certemy, an automated primary source verification system, is the leading license verification tool for employers to verify the credentials of medical professionals. It is not only reliable, but also allows employers to have more control over their compliance program.

Benefits of Certemy

Certemy helps make the process of verifying a NCNS license more efficient while also providing a better understanding of the licensing process. Through this automated verification system, employers are able to monitor any changes to the license including certification renewals. Of course, a license verification should reveal to employers if the NCSN has any sanctions or disciplinary actions against them.

Apart from efficiency and accuracy, Certemy can also help with staff utilization. Employers are able to track and manage their employees licenses and certifications all in one system of record. Furthermore, the automated process of applying for NCNS license renewal can be streamlined with their pre-built and configurable workflows.

Additionally, because Certemy is available online, compliance is easily tracked and managed in real-time. Essential for Todays medical environment, Certemy is a valuable asset to employers to ensure their team is meeting the standards of compliance without sacrificing any patient safety.

The core message

As demonstrated, a reliable and automated license verification system can help make the process of verifying a NCNS license easier and more efficient. With Certemy, employers are able to reduce time, mitigate risks, and improve the staff utilization of their healthcare team. Through this automated system, employers can have complete visibility and control of the compliance program resulting in accuracy and improved patient care.


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