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Licenses and certifications are the credentials that validate the capability and expertise of professionals in their respective fields. Businesses that wish to ensure that their employees have the necessary qualifications and credentials to handle their duties often rely on manual verification tools that require immense amounts of time and effort. Not only that, but these procedures also induce considerable expense. Fortunately, advanced technology such as automated primary source verification systems can address both of these problems.

Primary source verification (PSV) is the process of verifying credentials and qualifications such as a license or certification from its original source, such as a government agency or other third-party organizations. PSV can make the process of verifying licenses and certifications more accurate, reliable and efficient. Also, performing PSV should be done routinely to ensure that the company is aware of any changes in the credentials of their employees on a timely basis.

So how does automated primary source verification work? First, the system verifies the license/certification with a “real-time” query to the original issuing source to determine if the license is active and meets all of the necessary criteria. It also scans for any disciplinary actions or restrictions associated with the license. Moreover, the system tracks when the license/certification needs to be renewed and can send out notifications to employers and human resources departments. This enables companies to stay compliant with the regulations they need to meet.

Licensing compliance is an important topic for organizations in the US. The requirements vary based on the sector, but companies can avoid unknowingly hiring unlicensed and unqualified personnel by using an automated primary source verification system. It easily checks if the professional has the necessary licenses or certifications, as well as if they have any restrictions or disciplinary action associated with their license. Furthermore, businesses can also keep track of changes in the licenses of their employees and receive notifications about renewal dates, reducing the hassle of checking every license and certification manually.

In short, automated PSV system provide an added layer of confidence to businesses when it comes to ensuring that their methods of credential verification are accurate and reliable. It enables businesses to stay compliant with their licensing requirements, ensuring that their company operates with complete professionalism. Additionally, it allows them to do this without needing to overload their HR resources or incur significant external costs.


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