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Modern workplaces rely heavily on professionals who bring their unique skillsets to the workplace. As a result, it has become increasingly important for employers to ensure that all occupational licenses and certifications applied by their employees are valid and up to date. This can be a daunting task, which is why many employers are turning to automated technology solutions to help them manage the license Verification process.

Certemy is an automated license verification platform that enables employers to quickly and safely ensure the legitimacy of any occupational license or certification held by an employee. Through its primary source verification system, employers can instantly validate an employees license and certifications across all applicable regulatory agencies, helping ensure that their workforce is compliant with regulatory guidelines. In addition to providing immediate assurance that all employees are up to code, Certemy also provides a comprehensive system to track and manage licenses and certifications, giving employers complete visibility and control over their workforce?s Compliance status.

Certemy was developed to simplify the process of validating licenses and certifications. By automating the verifying process, the Certemy platform allows employers to quickly check that their employees are properly registered and certified in their roles. This helps employers stay ahead of any potential compliance issues while also saving time and money on manual verification processes. Certemys real-time tracking capabilities also provide employers with a single system of record, giving them all the data they need to make informed decisions about their workforce.

In addition to its primary source verification systems, Certemy has also designed robust workflows to automate the application process. With these workflows, employers can easily track any applications that have been submitted for a license or certification. It also streamlines the process of submitting new applications and keeps employers up to date on any changes in rules, regulations, or requirements. This ability to quickly and efficiently manage license and certification applications ensures that employers stay in full compliance with all applicable laws.

At the heart of all of Certemys capabilities is its goal to improve the overall productivity and visibility of an employer’s compliance program. By streamlining the license verification process and providing integrations that allow organizations to customize their application processes, Certemy helps organizations gain better control over their compliance, ultimately leading to greater efficiency, fewer compliance-related violations, and improved employee utilization.

Overall, Certemy is an essential tool for employers looking to simplify the process of verifying professional licenses and certifications. Through its end-to-end licensed verification system and automated application processes, Certemy helps organizations stay compliant and confident that their workforce is properly credentialed.


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