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Working with a remote and distributed team of employees requires company leaders to have an efficient process in place to review, track, and manage their staff?s professional licenses and certifications. To ensure your organization is compliant and up-to-date with legal requirements, businesses are investing in license Verification and primary source verification tools such as Certemy.

Certemy is a cloud-based Compliance solution that provides automated primary source verification of occupational licenses and certifications across your employees. This powerful platform provides companies with total visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. Here are five reasons why Certemy is a great choice for licensed and certified professionals.

It isaves Time and Money

Certemysimplifies and streamlines the license application process, reducing red tape and the costs associated with paper applications. Companies will also enjoy operational cost savings that come with automatic license tracking and primary source verification. This makes Certemy the go-to solution for businesses wanting to save time and money.

It is Easy to Use

Certemy offers a user-friendly platform that allows companies to easily track all of their employees? licenses and certifications in one place. It also provides pre-built workflows that are fully configurable and can be tailored to the unique needs of any organization. This makes it quick and easy to get up and running, without having to rely on IT teams for setup.

It Provides Real-Time Updates and Insights

Certemy eliminates manual processes, manual reports and manual tracking of employee licenses. With real-time tracking of licenses, Certemy is the perfect solution for companies wanting to streamline their operations. It offers up-to-the-minute insights and analytics on the performance of their staff?s licensed and certified professions, enabling companies to catch issues before they become problems.

It Keeps You Up-to-Date on Regulatory Compliance

Certemys automated process simplifies the tedious process of tracking and verifying employee licenses and certifications. This platform is trusted by some of the largest US employers to keep their staff compliant with all applicable regulations. Regulatory compliance can be complex and Certemy helps organizations stay ahead of the curve.

Improve Team Productivity, Visibility and Utilization

Certemy also helps improve staff utilization, visibility and team productivity. With the real-time tracking and automated license application process, companies can focus on more important tasks and tasks can get done faster and more accurately. This helps to streamline operations and maximize team efficiency.

Verifying professional licenses and certifications is no longer a daunting and costly task. With Certemy, companies have access to a cloud-based compliance tool that offers total visibility and control over their workforce compliance program. The platform offers real-time tracking of employee licenses, pre-built workflows and automated primary source verification. This makes it easier for organizations to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and save time, money and stress.


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