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Ensuring you have the correct and most updated information pertaining to your staff?s professional licenses and certifications is essential to Compliance and staying ahead of regulatory requirements. Certemy provides license Verification services that enable organizations to easily maintain compliance and mitigate risk with license and certification information for their entire organization.

Certemys automated primary source verification system makes it easy for your workforce compliance program to stay informed, maintain a record of license and certification credentials, and proactively track any changes that may arise. As one of the most trusted license verification providers for some of America?s largest employers, Certemy provides organizations with visibility and control over their compliance record.

Discovering Certemys Tools and Benefits

Certemys license verification services are designed to help organizations reach their compliance goals. By providing a system that automates all of the manual processes associated with tracking and managing licenses and certifications, Certemy maximizes efficiency. This enables organizations to spend less time piecing together data and more time utilizing their staff to its highest potential.

Certemys user-friendly platform is easily configured and customizable to meet your organizations specific business needs. Built-in workflows make it easy for organizations to apply for personnel licenses and manage documents across the entire organization. The platform?s real-time tracking feature allows organizations to access and manually make updates to employee licenses and certifications in one system.

Organizations can also use the platform to regularly audit their compliance records to ensure that they are up-to-date. All of the information housed on the platform is easily accessible and explicit, allowing for quick inspections and a better understanding of the data associated with any particular employee.

Understanding Certemys Processes

Certemys license verification services are comprehensive and easy to use. Organizations are provided with access to Certemys platform with all the necessary tools to help monitor and process professional licenses and certifications. The process begins with a complete survey of your organizations credentials. Interested applicants can register on the platform and submit their license and certification documents.

The registration information is securely stored in their software, and the applicants’ credentials are publicly verified even before their documents are examined. Certemy verifies the applicant?s professional credentials through primary source verification, ensuring that all the documents submitted are legitimate and accurate. After an applicant’s license has been verified, the corresponding documents are stored securely and can be referenced at any time.

To summarize

Maintaining an efficient workforce compliance program is essential to providing exceptional service. Certemys license verification services make it easy for organizations to securely and cost-effectively manage occupational licenses and certifications. With automated license tracking, real-time tracking of employee credentials, and customizable workflows, Certemy is the perfect solution for any organization to save time and ensure their workforce is compliant.


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