License Verification Tool | NCLEX-PN – National Council Licensure Examination Practical Nurse

For many businesses, compliance with certain professional and occupational licenses and certifications is a must for ensuring workplace safety and mitigating risk. To that end, verifying that your employees meet standards and maintain the required credentials for continuing education and qualifications is absolutely necessary. With Certemy, you can verify and track your professional licenses and certifications across your workforce compliance program in a reliable and efficient manner.

Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications. So by using Certemy, you are able to quickly and accurately confirm that your employees maintain their active licenses, appropriately renew them, and stay free of any sanctions and disciplinary actions. Furthermore, with real-time tracking of all employee licenses and credentials available in a single system of record, Certemy also offers much improved visibility and control over your entire workforce compliance program.

Certemys automated workflows are fully configurable, so that businesses are better able to streamline the process of verifying professional licenses and certifications. Additionally, these workflows are designed to simplify and accelerate the application for, and renewal of these licenses. Usually, these processes would require a lot of manual labor, but Certemys workflows do an excellent job of eliminating those needs, providing you with an easier and faster way to complete the process.

Moreover, Certemy promises a speedy set-up. It utilizes an API-driven architecture, means you only have to connect your existing systems for rapid implementation. This feature allows for rapid operational scalability and performance while resulting in cost savings. The user interface allows staff to quickly track, manage and access license data within seconds. Finally, Certemys licensing database delivers visibility into candidate pre-requisIt is, pre-license education requirements and more.

On the whole, Certemy provides an excellent, centralized means of verifying and tracking professional licenses and certifications, allowing you to provide accuracy and efficient compliance with most legal standards. As one of the most comprehensive tools in the industry, Certemy offers businesses the Piece Of Mind of having the most up-to-date information regarding their staffs qualifications. The cost savings, time savings, and improved staff utilization make this tool an effective option for businesses looking to maintain a compliant workforce.


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