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One of the most important aspects of any belonging to any organization is making sure that any employee comes with the necessary qualifications. This includes having the right licenses and certifications as required by the 1966 Federal Employer Identification Number or FEIN. Verifying professional licenses and certifications is, therefore, a critical and necessary process for every organization that wants to make sure its workforce is qualified to do the job.

Certemy is a leader in license Verification with an automated primary source verification system that ensures occupational licenses and certifications are valid, actively renewed, and free from sanctions or other disciplinary action. This system gives organizations complete visibility and control over all their workforce Compliance requirements.

Tracking Employee Licenses and Certifications with Primary Source Verification

Certemys primary source verification system allows organizations to automatically track and manage licenses and certifications. It provides features like improved team productivity and visibility across the entire organization, leveraged pre-built workflows that are configurable to automate license application processes, real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, and staying ahead of regulatory compliance with automated license tracking and primary source verification.

Organizations also benefit from an integrated workflow, which allows any new employee to start a new workflow, such as validating their license or certification, compared to manually having to do this. This leads to efficiency, reduced cost to process any license or certification, and an accurate report and tracking system for any employee.

Certification and License Organizations Achieving Compliance

Organizations have complete control over their employee certifications and licenses with Certemys system. It helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance, and provides assurance that these certifications and licenses stay valid and up-to-date at all times. This helps the organization to stay compliant and compliant with all the necessary regulatory requirements, while also making sure that their employees remain qualified and qualified to perform their duties.

The system also helps to save costs associated with onboarding, such as the costs associated with background checks or license verifications. This can be achieved by automating the verification process, reducing any costs associated with manual verifications, with a system that is both secure and reliable.

Closing considerations

Certemys primary source verification system helps organizations stay ahead and compliant with the necessary regulatory requirements with its automated tracking and management of employee licenses and certifications. With improved team productivity and visibility, this system conveniently and proactively ensures that all the necessary licenses and certifications are in place. As a result, onboarding is simpler, faster, and more accurate than ever, leading to reliable and secure certification and license tracking and management for any organization.


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