License Verification Tool | ASN -?Associate of Science in Nursing

Organizations today are increasingly relying on credentials and occupational licenses to make sure their staff are properly qualified to provide services and abide by the laws of their jurisdictions. To ensure organizational Compliance and evaluate personnel expertise, employers must determine the legitimacy and accuracy of these licenses and certifications. Certemy is a leading provider of license and certification Verification solutions that enable companies to stay ahead of their compliance initiatives.

Certemys automated primary source verification system specifically designed to validate professional licenses and certifications across your entire workforce. This tool provides companies with complete visibility and control of their compliance program. Companies can easily track and manage their employees licenses and certifications, and stay ahead of regulatory requirements and staying compliant. By verifying professional licenses and certifications in real-time with primary source verification, businesses greatly reduce the risk of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

Organizations that use Certemys license verification capabilities can easily leverage pre-built workflows that are customizable so they can be tailored to their specific needs and automate their license application processes. Whether you are hiring a new employee or having an existing employee renew a license, Certemys license verification solution makes the process simple and efficient.

Certemy is becoming the industry standard for license verification solutions. They provide employers with real-time stats, notifications, and alerts of license statuses and renewal deadlines to help spot potential compliance gaps. The program also provides organizations with a secure, centralized repository of license and certificates records so they can access them from anywhere and keep them up-to-date.

By leveraging Certemys license verification capabilities, organizations will not only experience greater productivity, but also greater visibility across their entire workforce. To ensure organizations? compliance, businesses must take a modernized approach, and Certemys software can easily provide the necessary tools to simplify the process and reduce an organizations risk of non-compliance and disciplinary action.


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