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In Todays business environment, the need to confirm the licensing and certification validity of an employees credentials has become increasingly important. Major employers must abide by the government regulations for verifying employees? licenses and certifications in order to mitigate the risk posed by hiring individuals who are not in Compliance with the applicable standards. Certemys proprietary primary source Verification system provides users with real-time visibility and control of their workforce compliance program while leveraging pre-built workflows to automate the license application processes.

The complexities of license and certification verification can be challenging for any employer, especially organizations with large employee populations across the United States. Certification bodies have to be monitored for accuracy and authenticity, increasing the burden of the compliance staff to ensure all regulations related to license verification are met for each employee. Online databases are very helpful, but they do not always provide reliable information or up-to-date records. Employers must turn to primary source verification in order to verify licenses and certifications with confidence.

Certemys patented technology brings control and accuracy to license and certification verification. The automated system can retrieve license information from the primary sources and validate that the employee has an active, appropriately renewed license and is free from any sanctions or disciplinary actions. This comprehensive, cloud-based system provides a single view into the employee jury for each staff member across the organization. It also offers data-driven insights and audit trails that enable employers to see who is responsible for overlooking the departments’ licensing and certification needs.

Leveraging Certemys automated system takes the compliance staff away from ineffective and inefficient manual processes, and grants them the ability to focus on other priorities. Automating the process of verifying professional licenses and certifications not only gives organizations complete 24/7 visibility and control of their workforce compliance program, but it also allows them to stay ahead of any potential risks and liabilities when it comes to governmental regulations. The pre-build workflows help streamline the complexity of issuing licenses, ensuring accuracy, and mitigating risks.

Certemy is currently trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States, helping them save time and resources while meeting required government regulations. The system makes It isimple to manage licenses in one system, thus providing better visibility for the entire organization. Employers are guaranteed to have the most accurate data for their employee records and complete compliance with all relevant licensing and certification standards.


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