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As a Compliance leader, keeping up with the numerous professional licenses and certifications required for your workforce is a daunting task. Certemy is an online license Verification provider and compliance management system that automates the process of verifying and tracking the license and certification credentials of your employees. It provides real-time primary source verification of occupational licenses through a secure and efficient workflow process.

Certemys license verification solution allows you to easily manage and keep track of your workforces’ active licenses and certifications. It also provides comprehensive visibility and control of your compliance program for the workforce. With automated license tracking, complete assurance is provided to employers that their employees possess valid, renewed, and active licenses and certifications. It also helps stay ahead of any regulatory requirements and provides insights into employee credentialing verification.

Certemysimplifies the license application process, while also gaining powerful insight into the validity of licenses. It provides established processes for keeping licenses and certifications current and informed. Its automated system works to ensure that the right people are getting the right credentials before they begin their job and continue to remain compliant while employed.

Using Certemys license verification solution, you can revamp the entire process of tracking workforces credentials. It features pre-built workflows that are fully customized and automated for the license application process. The total visibility offered allows employers to receive instant notifications whenever the status of employee licenses and certifications changes. It also offers integrated auditing for tracking license acquisition and expiry dates.

When it comes to managing and tracking licenses and certifications, Certemy provides an automated system to help employers rest assured that their workforce is compliant. It also helps organizations stay clear of the possibility of an audit and audit requirements being triggered due to failed compliance.

Employers trust Certemy to efficiently manage, track, and control their workforces’ licenses and certifications. This allows them to keep up with the pace of changing compliance regulations and ensure their employees are properly credentialed and remain compliant.


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