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The need to protect the health and safety of patients and the public is the primary goal of many organizations that require professionals to possess valid occupational licenses and certifications. Healthcare organizations, government agencies, financial firms, educational institutions and other organizations must ensure that their workforce is properly qualified and fulfills all relevant regulatory requirements. Unfortunately, keeping track of employee licenses and certifications is often a burden for HR departments.

Technological advances have made it easier to verify licenses and certifications. Certemy is a leading provider of license Verification services with an automated primary source verification system that simplifies the tracking and management of employee licenses and certifications. The system is designed to facilitate Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, while ensuring the highest levels of safety and security.

The Benefits of Using Certemy

Certemy provides a number of benefits to organizations seeking to verify the occupational licenses and certifications of their employees. The primary benefit of using Certemy is that it helps to maintain the highest levels of security and safety. By having a comprehensive view of an organizations workforce and compliance program, organizations can stay ahead of any potential regulatory issues.

In addition to providing a comprehensive view of employee credentials, Certemy also helps to improve productivity and visibility within an organization. By automating the tracking of employee licenses and credentials, Certemys system of record allows organizations to better monitor and manage their workforce. Organizations can also leverage pre-built workflows in order to streamline the process of applying for and maintaining licenses and certifications.

Finally, organizations can use Certemy to quickly and easily search for license records and access detailed information about a particular employees qualification status and credentials. This allows organizations to make more informed decisions about their workforce and further mitigate any potential risks associated with their workforce.

Getting Started with Certemy

Getting started with Certemy is easy. Organizations can easily create an account and begin using Certemys automated primary source verification services. After signing up, organizations can quickly configure their workforce compliance program and begin tracking and managing employee credentials. Organizations can also onboard their staff and designate credential types, such as licenses and certifications.

Once an organization has established its workforce compliance program, it can set up automated workflows to notify employees when their credentials need to be updated or renewed. This helps ensure that all employees are up-to-date on their licenses and certifications.

The main takeaway

At a time when data security and safety are paramount, organizations must ensure that their employees have the appropriate credentials. Certemy provides an easy and cost-effective way to maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations by automating the tracking and management of employee licenses and certifications. By leveraging the power of primary source verification, organizations can easily ensure that their employees have the requisite credentials for the job and that they remain in good standing with the applicable licensing agencies.


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