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Compliance with regulatory standards is becoming more important than ever in Todays workplaces, and ensuring that your employees are fully up-to-date with their licenses and credentials is essential. Verifying professional licenses is a crucial part of any organizations compliance strategy, and Certemy provides an automated primary source verification system for occupational licenses and certifications that can help employers ensure that their workforce is up to date and compliant with relevant standards.

Certemy is a trusted leader in license verification and tracking, providing employers with comprehensive visibility and control over their workforce compliance program. By utilizing the solution’s automated license tracking and primary source verification, employers can gain peace of mind that their regulatory compliance efforts remain vigilant and up to date.

The secure solution provides employers with real-time tracking of their employee licenses and credentials, as well as pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license applications and reduce the burden on Human Resources (HR) departments. By automating the process of verifying, tracking, and managing professional licenses and certifications, employers can reduce costly compliance errors, save valuable time, eliminate risks, and optimize their employee utilization.

No matter your organizations size, Certemys advanced support tools and 24/7 customer service provide the enterprise-grade solutions you need to manage your employee credentials with confidence. From full integration with enterprise identity and access management solutions to streamlined onboarding and compliance workflows, Certemy is the complete package to help employers maintain a competitive edge in the workforce.

Certemys license verification process is simple and straightforward. The platform supports gasfitters, electricians, engineers, contractors, and a range of other professions. It begins with the employer requesting verification of an employees license or credential, after which Certemy performs a background search using its automated primary source validation system.

Employers can rest assured that the system only searches legitimate sources to ensure accurate results and protect employees’ privacy. The automated primary source validation is completed within a few days, and the employer receives a notification from the system informing them of the results.

If the license or credential is valid, the employer can add the employee to their system and continue with the application process. If an employees license is not valid, however, the employer can put the application process on hold and use the data from the validation process to understand the source of the problem.

Certemy has become the go-to solution for license verification and managing workforce compliance. The platform is trusted and used by some of the leading U.S. employers to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their regulatory compliance efforts.

The system is flexible and customizable, allowing employers to instantly access and manage license data from a wide range of sources. By utilizing Certemys automated primary source validation system, employers can gain the visibility and control they need to confirm that their workforce is up to date with their occupational licenses and credentials.


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