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The success of any organization majorly depends on its Human Resources (HR) department. Regulations, compliance, and audit plays a key role in any HR department?s role at a company. One of the primary responsibilities of the HR department is verifying and managing professional licenses for the workforce. It is an industry standard for healthcare, engineering, and IT fields. Mandatory verification and tracking of active professional licenses is essential for an organizations compliance with industry regulations. To make the process easier, companies may utilize an automated primary source verification system like Certemy.

Certemy provides a license verification system that automatically provides verification of occupational licenses for organizations around the United States. It is designed to reduce time and effort while increasing compliance and risk management for any organization.

Organizations using Certemy will be able to regulate and automate the processes of tracking and managing licenses and certifications. It is already trusted by some of the largest US employers and can offer comprehensive license tracking services. Additionally, Certemy offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in a single system powered by intuitive workflows that save time and effort.

The Certemy license verification system is specifically designed to maintain and improve compliance throughout the entire organization. It will be a highly beneficial tool for organizations with high stakes to maintain when it comes to license authenticity and expiration. It is secure, efficient and cost-effective for organizations managing a large workforce or planning to hire new personnel with professional licenses from numerous various sources.

By utilizing Certemys services, organizations will actively remain in compliance with existing industry standards. It is easy to use and fast for cross-checking of employee license details. Compliance officers can deploy it to manage licenses and certifications data and files in a secure and accurate manner which allows them quick access to the necessary information.

Organizations with employees that require and hold valid professional licenses will find Certemy is an invaluable tool for their HR departments. It keeps the whole organizationsafe from regulatory compliance issues as well by streamlining the license tracking process and confirming primary source verification.


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