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The benefit of having professionally certified staff is essential for any organization. Not only do they have higher levels of expertise, but licensed professionals can help organizations maintain name recognition, competitive advantage, and higher levels of customer trust. As such, verifying that an organizations staff hold valid licenses and certifications is critical ? and essential to an organizations success.

Businesses who employ people in regulated professions are at risk of facing costly consequences and reputational damage if they fail to confirm that employees are properly licensed and certified. This has led to a growing need for reliable, automated primary source verification that verifies occupational licenses and certifications, ensuring that the credentials of employees remain valid and current at all times. Fortunately, cloud-based technology solutions such as Certemy have emerged to provide businesses with a comprehensive and secure way to automate license verification.

With Certemy, employers can streamline their license verification processes, ensuring that staff credentials remain valid, and that the organization avoids costly compliance violations. By using Certemy, businesses can instantly verify occupational licenses from all 50 states, check the status and renewal dates of licenses, and be alerted of any violations and disciplinary actions in nearly real-time. This helps human resources professionals ensure their workforce is compliant with applicable laws and regulations, and could even help employers to save time and money in the long run.

Certemys license verification system is also very secure. The system uses an encrypted data system to keep employee credentials and documents safe, while ensuring that any changes are reflected across the organization within seconds. This helps to reduce the risk of unauthorized access or tampering, while maintaining an up-to-date record of license and certification information.

Finally, Certemys license verification system is very user-friendly and easy to use. From the employee to the human resources manager to the compliance officer, the ?control tower? dashboard provides a central location to manage and review licenses and certifications. Employers can customize the system to automate application processes and be alerted to license expiration or status changes. These features ? coupled with Certemys secure data system ? provide human resources teams with the perfect tool to manage current employee licenses and certifications.

In short, Certemy provides employers with an automated and secure verification system for verifying professional licenses and certifications. By using Certemy, employers can save time, money, and resources, while helping ensure that their staff’s licenses are up-to-date and valid. Whether you are an employer looking to save time and money or a human resource professional aiming to reduce risk and compliance issues, Certemy is the perfect solution.


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