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In the ever-growing and increasingly complex world of Compliance, organizations are seeking efficient methods to minimize risk and maximize resources. One way of doing this is through license Verification. This process has become particularly important in certain industries, such as healthcare and transportation, where professional licenses are required for certain positions and it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that all employees are qualified.

In the past, verifying professional licenses was a manual process. Human resources departments had to contact licensure boards and organizations to confirm that an individual had a certain specialty license and that the license was up-to-date. This is a laborious process and often times can be inaccurate if the license has expired or suspended by the licensure board.

In recent years, technology has advanced and organizations now have the ability to automate this process with primary source verification. Automating the license verification process ensures greater accuracy and can be done in a fraction of the time. This verification is done through sophisticated software that checks the license and certification status of individuals in real-time. The software cross-references the information with external databases, such as state licensure boards, that can confirm that the individual holds the requisite license and that it is in good standing.

Using this type of verification service not only saves time and improves accuracy, but also provides added peace-of-mind from a compliance perspective. Organizations can now quickly and easily confirm that everyone within the organization is properly credentialed and in good standing with the required regulatory bodies. This eliminates the potential liability associated with hiring and keeping an employee on staff without knowing with certainty whether or not they are properly licensed and certified.

One company that provides automated primary source verification services is Certemy. This cloud-based software service offers a comprehensive compliance program for verifying professional credentials. With Certemy, businesses are able to automatically track and manage employee licenses and certifications in real-time, getting instant confirmation from the licensure board that the license is up-to-date and valid.

The software also offers pre-built workflows and flexible configuration options which makes it easier to keep track of and renew employee licenses. This helps save time from a staff management standpoint and ensures that no one within the organization is practicing without a valid license.

Using an automated primary source verification service provides the assurance that everyone in an organization is compliant and eliminates the time and liability associated with manual license verification. By automating the process, organizations can quickly and easily verify that their staff is properly credentialed and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.


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