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Whether an organization employs a Certified Continence Care Nurse, an Intensive Care Unit Nurse, or a Flight Attendant, having an automated or hands-on process to verify licenses and certifications is an essential part of controlling risk and ensuring Compliance with regulatory standards. Fortunately, license Verifications have become a lot easier with the help of automated primary source verification technologies?a technology that validates occupational licenses and certifications across an organizations staff, reducing manual efforts and drastically improving accuracy.

At its simplest, license verification involves validating that the person who is employed by your organization is properly credentialed with the correct license or certification. This can involve confirming that the application documentation has been received and that the license is still valid and active without any sanctions or other disciplinary actions. With the availability of automated primary source verification, there is no longer any need to manually verify credentials, as a large majority of this task can be automated and completed with ease.

Primary source verification involves collecting and verifying information from the primary source?typically a governing body, board, issuing organization, or credentialing body. Primary source verification is often used in medical license verification processes and is typically the most accurate and reliable form of verification. With manual processes, verifying credentials can be lengthy and prone to errors, but automated processes drastically simplify and expedite the process.

Organizations that need to verify employee credentials can benefit from automated primary source verification technology such as Certemy, which helps eliminate errors and guarantee accuracy while improving the entire organizations compliance visibility. Enhanced visibility allows employers to keep track of employee licenses and certifications across departments and better manage their compliance program.

Certemy can be used to track and manage licenses and certifications in real-time, providing an easy way to expedite the evaluation of applications, approval process, and license renewal process. The platform offers customizable workflows and staff utilization data, giving employers greater control of their workforce compliance program.

By reducing manual processes and automatically tracking employee licenses and credentials across departments, Certemy ensures accuracy and compliance with ease. Moreover, Certemys automated primary source verification technology can be used to verify credentials from anywhere in the world?something that would be difficult or near impossible to do manually.

Whether an employer wants to re-verify credentials of existing employees or verify the credentials of new hires, Certemys automated primary source verification technology simplifies and expedIt is the process with accuracy and reliability. Employers can trust that all their employee credentials are up to date and compliant with the latest regulations.


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