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As the digital age continues to evolve, the manual process of verifying professional licenses is steadily becoming a thing of the past. Organizations across numerous industries are increasingly looking for faster, more efficient ways to confirm the accuracy of credentials amongst their employees, avoiding the costly mistakes of hiring unqualified personnel or licensees without an appropriate endorsement. This is where automated primary source verification (APSF) comes in; providing employers with a safe, reliable, and cost-effective way to check the authenticity of credentials, making it the go-to solution for verifying Gasfitter Apprentices.

APSF works by utilizing public records to help employers verify the status of a license or certificate, as well as the individual?s qualification level. When someone applies for a job or a licensing exam, their credentials are checked against a public records database to confirm that their license is valid and in good standing. The results are then transmitted back to the employer or to the licensing board, so that their decision about granting or denying employment or a license can be taken with confidence.

Organizations are increasingly leveraging the power of APSF to streamline the entire process of license verification, from initial application to final approval or denial. Certemy is a leader in this field, with a comprehensive license verification system that allows employers to track and manage employee credentials throughout their entire compliance program. With its automated primary source verification, Certemy can validate qualifications with ease and accuracy and provide real-time automated tracking and notification of changes and expirations, keeping organizations secure and compliant.

The Certemy platform is also highly effective at improving team productivity and visibility across entire organizations. It provides transmission of up-to-date license and certification data from any state or jurisdiction ? eliminating the need to have an in-house records manager to manually track and maintain license data. It can also automate license applications and processes, helping employers submit and approve credentials quickly whilst reducing the manual labor required.

Overall, automated primary source verification is a cost-effective and efficient way of verifying professional licenses. It helps employers save time, reduce risks, and improve staff utilization through accurate license tracking and primary source verification. For those looking for a secure, reliable, and compliant license verification tool, Certemy is a top-choice.


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