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Regulating professional licenses is a core component of workforce Compliance, human resource operations, and risk management. However, verifying and tracking the licensure of a constantly fluctuating staff can be a formidable task. Certemy is a leading license Verification platform that offers employers advanced automated primary source verification of their employees’ occupational licenses and certifications. Certemy provides real-time tracking, improved team productivity, and full visibility into the organizations compliance protocol.

For large employers, the challenge of validation, renewal, and accreditation of occupational licenses can be overwhelming. To help keep a workforce in compliance, Certemy provides reliable automated primary source verification of employee credentials. Primary source verification refers to the process of validating the accuracy of the license’s information by obtaining confirmation from a record?s official source. In the case of Certemy, the verification is done at a fraction of the cost, time and effort.

The Certemy platform first verifies the status, expiration dates, and any possible disciplinary actions of an employee. The CAT (Certified Automation Tool) algorithm also cross-references in the Nursys database, a central repository of defendant information used to verify multistate compact nursing licenses. Certemy renders comprehensible reports that shed light on the validness of the professional’s license, retirement, certification, educational background, and other related metrics.

Certemy enables employers to quickly assess their workforce contingent compliance. Automated license tracking keeps human resource operations efficient, with real-time visibility into their compliance program. With tools such as customizable workflows and document scans, Certemy helps organizations move quickly and securely through the license application process. Reports and license status changes can also be tracked in the platform?s TCU (track change updates) feature.

Thanks to its interoperable and configurable nature, the Certemy platform remains malleable to fit any organizations workflow. By leveraging the latest technologies, Certemy offers the tools to streamline the employee license application process, from onboarding to validating, renewing, or declining credentials.

Thanks to the use of Certemy, employers can save time, mitigate risk, and securely track the licensure of their employee records. Certemy is a cost-efficient license validation platform that simplifies the credentialing process, giving organizations the knowledge that their employees remain compliant and active.


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