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The importance of verifying professional licenses is no longer something to be taken lightly. In the US, occupational licenses are required for many different professions in order to ensure that the right qualifications have been obtained in order for individuals to carry out their required duties. This means that verifying that licenses are up to date and remain valid is essential for employers, particularly those operating in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and finance.

Certemy is an advanced license verification system for tracking, managing, and verifying professional licenses and other credentials across US employers. Certemy automates the entire process of monitoring and verifying licenses across multiple sources, allowing employers to maintain a better overview of their workforce compliance. This puts them ahead of the game when it comes to regulatory compliance, as the system makes it easy to track and respond to any license issues before they become a risk.

Certemys license verification system is designed to save time and money for employers, while helping to ensure that each individual employee has the necessary qualifications to carry out their duties. It features a range of tools and features including primary source verification and automated license tracking, allowing employers to focus on more important tasks. By using the system, employers can easily detect when licenses are due for renewal or if any have been placed on probation or expired. This ensures they have the necessary real-time insight into their workforce compliance program.

Certemy also offers features such as pre-built workflows that can be used to automate the process of applying for new licenses. This reduces the amount of admin and paperwork involved in the process, and makes it easier to ensure accurate tracking and filing of applications. It also makes it easier to monitor and review any existing licenses, which improves staff productivity across the board.

With Certemy, employers can manage the entire lifecycle of employee licenses and credentials in a single system of record ? from recruitment to onboarding, and beyond. The system also includes compliance reports as well as notifications when licenses and certifications need to be updated or renewed. This makes it easier for businesses to ensure that their staff members are qualified to carry out their duties, while staying ahead of any potential compliance risks.

Being one of the largest license verification service providers in the US, Certemy ensures that their clients have access to the best tools and services to monitor their workforce compliance. Employers are able to save time and money, while mitigating any potential risks associated with non-compliant staff.


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