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Verifying professional licenses can be a daunting task for human resources (HR) and Compliance teams. Determining the credibility of license certification documents from employees can be an arduous process. Additionally, manually keeping track of each employees license status can be resource-intensive and leave much room for error. To remedy the main challenges faced by HR and compliance teams, organizations increasingly rely on automated license Verification tools such as Certemy.

Certemy is widely recognized as a leading software system that offers primary source verification for all occupational licenses and credentials. Automating the process of verifying professional licenses with Certemy can save time, improve staff utilization, and help mitigate potential risks associated with human error. The platform helps provide visibility and control to workforce compliance programs while keeping them ahead of regulatory requirements.

At the heart of Certemy is a simple but intuitive workflow system that is configurable and can be tailored for various organizational needs. Certemys optimization algorithms help streamline the process of verifying employee licenses, in line with state and federal regulations. Throughout the process, the system’s available data is constantly verified and double-checked against the employees identity and existing providers? records.

When an employee joins the organization, they are registered on Certemy with their complete information and credentials. During onboarding, the use of Certemys automated license tracking allows the HR team to obtain digital records of each employees credentials and store them for future reference. This also allows HR to set notifications and alerts informing both the employee and the relevant state regulatory body when a license is expired or nearing expiration.

In addition to license verification, Certemy also provides reports to the HR teams so they can keep track of the individual workflows for all employees. This allows the HR team to periodically visualize the entire employee license verification process, spot potential discrepancies, and ensure that all verification processes continue to stay up-to-date.

In summary, Certemy offers a comprehensive platform that streamlines license verification workflows for HR and compliance teams. Automating the process with a user-friendly system such as this one helps save time, improve organizational productivity, and increase visibility across the entire workforce compliance program.


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