License Verification Tool | Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Administrator

Verifying the credentials of professionals many organizations hire is a necessity for any business. Certemys automated primary source Verification system can help organizations ensure that the licenses and certifications of their employees are up-to-date and valid with minimal effort. When licenses and certifications are correctly verified, employers can rest easy knowing that their workforce Compliance program is safe from risk and that their employees are adequately qualified.

Certemys license verification service is designed to help organizations with all levels of compliance. The user-friendly platform allows companies to quickly check and verify the credentials of their employees, and to be alerted to any potential issues. Certemy notifies employers when licenses or certifications are expired, have sanctions, or are no longer accepted.

In addition to automated verification, Certemys system helps employers keep track of when licenses and certifications lapse or need renewal. This helps organizations quickly stay ahead of potential compliance issues that could result in penalties or other legal issues. The platform also offers automated application processes for new licenses or certifications allowing employers to ensure applicants have the necessary qualifications in areas like hospice and palliative care, legal, and other roles with industry-specific qualifications.

Certemys system also allows employers to track and monitor employee licenses and certifications in one centralized place. This helps with keeping a companies workforce updated on their credentials, and allows employers to quickly spot potential issues and maintain a compliant team. Reports can also be generated from the Certemysystem which can be used for auditing and other purposes.

Using Certemys license verification platform can help employers ensure that their workforce is compliant with all eligibility requirements. Certemy offers a wide range of features and tools that make it easy for employers to verify employee licenses and certifications. The automated verification system helps employers stay ahead of compliance regulations to ensure their workforce is up-to-date on necessary qualifications. By taking the time to verify credentials, employers can ensure that their employees have the necessary qualifications and that any potential risk and penalties from noncompliance are avoided.


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