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When managing a business, maintaining compliance with standardized regulations pertaining to licensure for employees is essential for avoiding legal proceedings, potential miscommunication, and even costly fines. Certemy is a leading License Verification platform that provides an automated primary source verification system to validate occupational licenses and certifications in order to ensure they are active and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. Ultimately, gaining access to trusted, real-time tracking can provide complete visibility and control over an organizations compliance program.

Verifying occupational licenses historically relied upon communication between state board and other dependent entities. This process was often filled with inconsistencies and potential compliance gaps. Certemy has revolutionized the way organizations of all sizes manage their workforce, allowing for automated tracking of employee licenses and credentials with primary source verification. This automation helps organizations remain in compliance with regulatory standards while eliminating hefty administrative and overhead costs associated with manual processes.

Certemys platform provides users with automated workflows tasked with streamlining the license application process. Key onboarding and renewal activities are tracked from beginning to end, creating efficiency and eliminating costly delays or inconsistencies. Additionally, Certemy has created an additional layer of insight into the process, allowing for better control of risk, visibility across the entire organization, and cost saving.

The platform supports users with prompt, up-to-date notifications on licensed professionals renewals prior to expiration or when an out-of-compliance employee has been detected. A complete audit trail is easily accessible, affording organizations the ability to centrally manage their workforce compliance and provide faster reporting. A comprehensive hold and release feature inside Certemy helps to keep users informed while still safeguarding private and personal data.

Certemys cloud hosted solution is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States, providing cost savings, increased personnel agility, improved risk management, and better utilization of resources. The intuitive platform simplifies and streamlines operations, resulting in fewer tasks and improved overall efficiency.

Certemy provides business owners with the solution they need to remain in compliance and up-to-date in regards to employee licensure. The platform is trusted to verify licensure certificates in multiple industries ranging from medical and allied healthcare to nursing, professional counseling, engineering, insurance, and more.

As the demand for healthcare professionals across the nation continues to exist, getting licensed healthcare professionals into the workplace as quickly as possible is essential. Certemys automated workflow helps organizations make it happen, allowing users to save time, expedite onboarding, and eliminate potential points of failure.

Organizations striving to maintain compliance with licensure laws now have access to an efficient and reliable verification platform. By leveraging Certemys advanced license tracking and primary source verification, organizations have ultimate control of their workforce compliance program, resulting in improved team productivity, better visibility, and overall cost savings.


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