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Every workplace is required to have staff and personnel with proper credentials: certified and licensed to perform their respective duties. Although an essential part of complying with current regulations and maintaining an environment of safety, verifying occupational licenses?the amount of these, when they need to be renewed, ensuring their validity?can be a time-consuming chore.

Thanks to Certemy, however, the arduous and tedious process of ensuring compliance with license verification can now be automated and streamlined. The leading provider of license verification provides complete transparency and control with its primary source verification system, ensuring that the staff employed at a workplace comply with all the proper certifications and accreditations necessary to perform their job functions in an efficient and safe manner.

Certemys automated system of tracking and verification allows employers to manage the licenses of their employees with ease. Through its primary source verification system, employers can confirm that only those with legitimate certifications and licenses are active and remain free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. Employers benefit from the time-saving capabilities of Certemy, allowing them to keep abreast of latest legislative changes. The automated system facilitates renewing licenses in a timely and efficient manner while reducing the risk of any violations.

In Todays context of ever increasing regulation, having an automated license tracking system is essential for all types of employers to keep up with compliance requirements in the United States. Through Certemys pre-built and configurable workflows, tasks such as applying and managing licenses can be simplified, reducing the time-consuming process of ensuring compliance. The application process to managing licenses is made efficient, and workplaces can be at ease regarding any violations.

Certemys user-friendly and intuitive interface allows organizations to home in on any discrepancies in its employee files, and quickly fix them as well. This is not only crucial for compliance but also hones organizational efficiency with regards to working with the right personnel having correct certifications. The cloud-based platform allows organizations to stay ahead of potential violations, and swiftly start corrective action.

With over a decade of experience in license verification, Certemy is a trusted partner of some of the largest organizations in the United States, allowing them to keep track of their employee certifications and licenses. The resources saved significantly benefit organizations in providing the best-in-class services, while complying with the latest regulations.

At a time where compliance is increasingly priority in the United States, Certemys cloud-based platform offers a timely and efficient solution to make sure your business is running with the right staff and licenses in place at all times.


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