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Having the right employees with the correct certifications and licenses can make or break professional operations in any sector, from healthcare to hospitality. It isn’t uncommon for employers to vet every person who’s onboarded, or to run verifications periodically to check that their workers are in compliance with regulations. The trick is to make that process as quick and painless as possible. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Certemy does.

Certemy is a powerful license verification service that streamlines employer compliance. It automatically verifies valid licenses and credentials for employees all across the United States, reducing the time and effort required by busy HR departments to check records one by one. Certemy is used by massive companies all over the country, from healthcare providers to hospitality groups, to make sure their workers are in compliance with regulations.

The Certemysystem provides an unprecedented level of control and visibility to employers. It automates the process of tracking licenses and certifications, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. With Real-Time Tracking employers get a single-source record of all credentialing information, simplifying data management tasks and reducing compliance risk. Smart notifications will alert HR when credentials are nearing expiration, giving them an easy heads-up of who needs to renew their license.

Certemys predefined workflows make the application process easier and more efficient. Employers can quickly build out custom workflows or customize existing workflows that are tailored to their unique needs. These workflows can automate the application process for licensure and certifications, making sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Additionally, Certemy makes it easy to request documents from licensees, providing easy access to primary source verification records.

On top of that, Certemys powerful dashboard and reporting capabilities provide a better understanding of compliance across the entire organization. Employers can see the status of every employees credentialing information in one place, simplifying audit processes and identifying any potential areas of concern. Reporting helps employers break down data by industry or state, and go back months or years to view a full history of licentite data.

For employers looking to streamline license verification and make sure their team is always in compliance with regulations, Certemy is the perfect choice. With its automated primary source verification system, strong auditing features, and customizable workflows, employers can have a detailed, up-to-date picture of all of their workers’ credentials. Employers can see the status of their workers, receive real-time alerts when credentials are nearing expiration, and more, all within one simple system.


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