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In Todays increasingly regulated environment, companies are responsible for ensuring that their employees are licensed and certified to perform their job responsibilities. Across the United States, many industries have special requirements for licensure, from electricians to medical professionals to anyone providing a service to the public. In order to remain compliant and protect customers, these employers must be able to easily and accurately verify the current status of their employees’ credentials. Certemy is an industry-leading license verification tool designed to make this process much easier and more efficient.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is a comprehensive license verification platform specifically designed to meet the needs of large and small employers. Certemys cloud-based platform and automated primary source verification system provide employers with the tools to verify, manage, and track the licenses, certifications, and credentials of their staff members, ensuring that all the necessary information is up to date and in compliance with regulations.

At the heart of the Certemy platform is Certemys automated primary source verification system, which eliminates the need for time-consuming manual checks into the licensing status of employees, freeing up employers to focus on their core operations. The system is constantly revisiting data sources to ensure that license and certification status remain up to date. It also provides the ability to set up custom alerts, ensuring that regulatory compliance never falls behind.

Benefits of Certemy Licensing Verification

The benefits of using Certemy for license verification are significant. By leveraging an automated primary source verification system, employers gain access to a powerful, real-time knowledge base of current employee credentialing status. This eliminates the need for manual, time-consuming investigations into individual paperwork and certifications. With Certemy, employers can quickly and easily know if an employees license is in good standing, and if any corrective action needs to be taken.

The platform also enables employers to gain complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance programs. By automating the process of tracking and managing licenses and certifications, Certemy helps employers stay ahead of compliance regulations, while also providing trust and peace of mind that their employees are qualified to perform their jobs.

Certemy also comes with a range of features designed to help HR and recruitment teams improve staffing utilization and save time. These features include pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate the license application process, real-time tracking of employee credentials in one system of record, and automated license tracking and primary source verification.


In Todays highly regulated environment, employers have a responsibility to ensure that their team members have current and validated credentials and certifications that meet industry and governmental requirements. Certemys powerful license verification platform provides employers with the tools they need to easily and accurately verify the current status of their employees’ credentials, enabling them to remain compliant and protect their customers.


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